Monday, January 31, 2005

Heaven is the place to be

Heaven is where your highest voice resides. It represents the epitome of mind-stuff. It is also where the Lord resides. The Lord is the directing current, the organizing influence, the attractor together of all higher thought and the spark that vivifies all lower thought causing transformation into higher thought. When you call upon the Lord you are asking for transformation to occur over many levels of being, starting with the way you think about your self. You are saying to the Lord, that yes I am ready for transformation, I open myself to this higher current and I listen for the spark that will transmute my lower nature into my highest awareness. When I call upon, I open. The Lord answers always to this call. Remember to listen for the answer throughout the entire time interval you bridge between your call and the Lord's answer. With practice you will hear this answer immediately. This is the purpose of your life, to learn to receive the answering call. To recap here, the answering call is heard where? In heaven. Therefore you carry heaven with to be at your beck and call.

The Mystery is revealed

Throughout the many mystery schools there comes a point when you are given the "advanced knowledge."
This is a moment of supreme initiation when you finally get to see the real secrets.
This moment comes as a surprise because the knowledge that you are given is usually readily available to those whose diligence and patience has brought them to this very point of understanding.
I mention this because there is no course of study which can enlighten you like the inner voice can. This one piece of knowledge is the basis of every secret that has ever been told. The reason why these mystery schools cannot give you this answer beforehand is simple. If you knew then you wouldn't have to study you would only have to apply this one principle that the inner voice is your teacher and no one else.

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