Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A response to negativity

The light is always on. This simple recognition removes all blocks, all negativity including the negativity of suggesting as you quote below:

"Negative acts clothe the soul. They leave impressions around it that keep the soul blocked from its source - the Light."

The idea that the light can be blocked by negativity does not fully understand just what the light is. It is darkness holding on to its clothing.

The light is. It cannot be any simpler. Forgiveness is seeing this light in spite of the illusion of blockages. Negativity does nothing. Our thoughts about negativity are what keep it in place.

Stop thinking about the negativity. Quit pointing it out. Stop making it into something that it is not.

See the light. Point to the light. Observe the light. Become the light.

Here is another phrase which you quote which just isn't happening for me.

"If chaos is manifested, it's already too late."

Is it ever too late to see the light? Of course not. In fact in our darkest moments, then and there is where we seem to manifest the most light. I am not seek your darkest moments but I am saying that it is never too late. Out of chaos comes order which represents light.

This next quote does not quite fit anywhere:

"There's no question that consciousness is vital. But what's really important is what results from it."

Consciousness is everything even that which results from consciousness. What part of the SHMA are we not seeing. Perhaps the first part. The Lord is One. The last above quote is purely materialistic. It surprises me that this should appear here. What I think is what I am.

Later on you quote:

"The Zohar says that if we're not willing to give the "ME" up, we'll be a
nothing all our life.

"So forget about what I think, what I see, and what I believe. Pull the plug on the ego."

Wrong again in my opinion. Since there is no universe without "I AM" I will have to know who I am and believe in who I AM and most importantly be concerned with what I think. The ancients used to say "know thyself," this was the prime directive. The ego is the other. It is the we trying to get you to do what "we" want you too. Example. You are in love with someone. One of your "we's" doesn't approve. They are hurt if you go off with this someone. Who do you listen to? My answer is go for the love and forget about the "we."

The is legion, the devil, the many, all those negative voices inside of your head.

I AM the still small voice of kindness, love, compassion, fulfillment, joy.

Spend all your life listening and this is what you'll hear. The golden inner sounds of the essence of who you are. Only then in joy and contentment will you touch the face of God, time and time again.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Making the Temple within. The Mishkan

Making the Temple within. The Mishkan

     In the Bible Exodus 38:21-40:38 instructions are given to build the Mishkan, or the Temple. While this is an outer temple to house the spirit of the Lord it is plain to see when we view these passages with the lens of mind that we are being told exactly what it takes to build the temple within. This temple within is built expressly for attracting the presence of God or spirit to our inner being so that we may be at one in body, mind and spirit with our creator who is one. The lens of mind uses the symbolism of the Bible as another way of explaining how thoughts are born in mind and how these thoughts become the forms of our life. Many have been the explanations of this particular passage in Exodus, but none to date have addressed the magical operations that take place in order for each individual to experience these feelings of divine holiness for themselves. The following is a breakthrough meditation, which explains what is taking place within this temple and how we may make use of our internal imagery to build this temple within. The effects of such a construction make use of a blend of magical forces in order to arrive at the desired location. Holiness. Where thought and form coalesce and the mind stuff is under the dominion of the will aligned with the Eternal.
     Attract the spirit by directing the energy within. Bring the focus to a point. Remember the location. Use this memory to send everything good into this energy flow. Know that this movement is for your increasing awareness of this spirit inside complete with all the feelings that result from this collection of associations that make this spirit shine. Expand within and concentrate the energy. Continue this process. Bring forth in your making the confidence of certainty. Smile within the sure smile of success. Notice that there are places where the light hasn't seemed to enter. Consciously direct the light to these areas of darkness. Accomplish this with a steady sure emotion, which celebrates the consciousness that is being transformed in the moment. Each time transformation occurs there is an answering response within. This is sometimes felt as an overflowing of feelings or warmth descending from above to below and then back again. Many times this answering response is delayed, however, it is possible with practice to simultaneously receive the answering response with the sending forth of light. The areas of darkness, which are being transformed, are lingering thoughts, which have been initialized but aren't being actualized. Light is given off because these lingering thoughts having nowhere to go are transformed into the energy of light, which actualizes the active images of intention. In this way you find yourself building the temple within using the imagination to shape the walls of the temple. This active force of shaping then is reflected into the outer world in the same way.
     Achieve the power of happy by the associations you ascend to in finding your light. Then once there the operation is quickened by your gentle focus, which shines in at the edges and then steps aside as the light is revealed in its own way. This process is both aligned by the will or intention and then harmonized with the One will which is what has drawn us forward into this area of meditation. The One Will operates always freely. Our own will is forever seeking this One Will to harmonize with. It is an operation characterized by our conscious direction and then once we are in the neighborhood or aligned with the One Will, we let go and let God determine the results. It is our mold, which we've placed into this One Will. This merging with the One Will can then only strengthen our mold. The results always will turn out better when we follow these steps within. Especially at the outer edges of manifestation where we are in contact with the forms being produced by this combination of bringing our thoughts into focus and letting go into the One Will.
     The only movement our minds can ever know is this transformation of energy through the successive upgrade in the ideas, which are forming within. These ideas gain strength through mutual attraction and rise up into the levels of the absolute where they are transmuted into the forms which then appear to reflect our meditations. We build our holy temple within everyday by our efforts at right thought and right action. We let our minds direct the river of thought into the ocean of feelings, which then overflow forming new tributaries, which are a mix of both ocean and river. It is this mix, which then becomes enshrined in holiness as the fires of creation symbolized by inspiration carry us forward into the worlds into which we have intended our being to move through. In this temple we rejoice or add or positive feelings to this flow which promotes the momentum of our holiness within.
     When we use the lens of mind to read through passages such as these in the Bible we can cut through the ancient symbols and see the meanings of these divine writings. Since these passages were written from higher mind it is only fitting that they be interpreted using higher mind in its context of today's language. Then we can gain the benefit of practical instructions for approaching, communing and becoming one with our creator within. No secrets need keep us away. We do not have to use any interpreters of scripture either to arrive at our holiness within. It is all there for any person to make this magical journey safely and with reason to come back with the feelings of holiness and the true knowing of our voice within.
      In summary the Mishkan that was built according to complicated instructions turns out to be a reminder for us to be just as circumspect with our own inner temple, the place where all of our thoughts live together. By providing direction, focused energy, and a spirit of letting go, we are able to construct this very same temple for the same purpose. This is your communion with the eternal on a daily familiar basis. Nothing can ever take the place of this kind of experience. It is our heritage to be connected in this way. It is our future to be determined by these paths of wisdom that we take within. It is our responsibility to take the first and the last steps.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What is the purpose of evil?

A question is answered posed by a seeker. An answer is given and thought is provoked.

First of all let me preface this by explaining that I am not referring to you personally. I realize you are only echoing the words of the present thinking on this subject. However as JJ Slim and others have pointed out "we are what we think." Please take no affront here. Your post here does make things better because it gives us a chance to examine this thing called evil.
You ask what choice and thereby describe the fall from grace in the garden of eden.

You say without choice everything would be good. Do you realize what you have just said? The purpose that we are "fighting to get back," is so that everything would be good. We woudln't have to fight if we could let go of evil.

You have given the classic argument for evil. It is the same argument that the serpent uses to win over Eve. The serpent says that you have a choice to sin. See how much better it would be to sin by exercising your free will. The voice in the garden however says, see how much better it will be by seeing more of the good things that are offered here. Make them indeed in our own image is what is said.

I know this is confusing but consider this: The choice we have is to increase our good. It is to increase our understanding of this good. It isn't true that good cannot be better. Look around you. Good is always increasing.

The classic adversary argument for evil says, "without evil there would be no good."
Ha. This is funny. It would be hilarious except most people buy this including those who say "what purpose would free will serve."

In many writings on Kabbalah I have seen this notion of asking for more pain or more suffering so that we can fulfill our tikkune. It has been an unconscious part of Judaism for too long. I break tradition here in asking for my good that I may fulfill my good unceasingly.

It is yes a matter of semantics. I know we all want our good and the good of others. It is just that in discussing evil we have to be careful what suggestions we are giving our subconsciousness.

Choose good

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