Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Doors and Keys -Openings and Light Genesis Verse 1

There are doors and there are keys. Consciousness opens up to the right kind of question offering an inner mindscape where we come to more doors to be opened. When Moses is asked what shall I call thee by HaShem the answer given is I am that I Am. Here is the universal key which may open every door. The trick is knowing when to use this key. The I am key is a time dimensional key. Where we see ourselves in mind determines the effectiveness of our use of this key. We need to have the ability to transcend time and space in order to access the blocks that bar our way within. The meaning of this is that when we can see truly see beyond our own doubts we can then enter into the land of what we are becoming.

Imagine then that there are a series of doors which bring you ever closer to your heart's desire. Assume too that this series of doors is not endless and that each time you open another doorway you are half way there. Let go and suddenly you are there. Yes it happens just that fast. One moment you're opening doors the next you are admiring the view from your new vantage point. Remember vantage point from Bahir verse 95. There it was spoken of as the advantage. It is the place of the chosen one. What is the chosen one? It is the thought or desire you have chosen to be your own and to inspire the direction in life that you are taking.

Each time I think about opening a door corresponding the door appears and asks me for my key which I just happen to carry in terms of the questions I am asking. Then in response to my question the door is fitted with the key. A slight turn and the answers are revealed in light. It is this slight turn that in all cases must be perfected. It is an inwards turn and then an opening into vast mindscape of creative possibilities. In there are the idea-forms of your heart's desire. The question then (the key to the next door) is how do we take these idea-forms and translate them into the land-forms of our experience. The first thing that comes to mind is to build within a channel of unfoldment. This channel of unfoldment will take the specific idea-form and expand upon it until it reaches the land mass of manifestation. The budding gestation of these idea-forms present themselves frequently for insertion into this funnel like channel of manifestation. The top of this funnel is narrow where the idea-forms enter by their self proclaimed specific nature. Once collected in this manner they descend by their own motive force. The energy is provided along the way by the supporting thoughts which go along with the central focus of the idea-form. As soon as it enters the circuit of manifestation it draws to itself all the materials both spiritual and material that it needs to accomplish its exact imaging of the theoretical with the actual. What this means in large part is that the entire universe is mapped in a nexus of outward probing causing a synthesis of the reality we place in front of us each day. This synthesis accepts change as a matter of course. It incorporates whatever changes need to take place to work out the details of the idea-forms manifestation. In addition the idea-form true to life's purpose establishes itself and then sends out identical shoots in the form of inspirations that will correlate with both all ensuing idea-forms (backwards compatibility) and permutations of the original idea-form so that growth and reproduction may take place to increase the base that once established continues in its expansion.

Another way or method for promoting the image that is being reflected from above is see the image there accepting it into being. Read the first part of Genesis for detailed instructions on how to accomplish this. Read it as though it were a training manual for manifestation. Understand the letters and the phrases in both their complexity and simplicity.

Idea-form: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth We have the paradigm for imagination filled with intention. Beth, Resh, Aleph, Shin, Yud Tav. ty#@rb Each letter suggests a progression of meaning. Taken as numbers in sequence Beth=2, Resh = 200, Shin = 300 , Aleph = 1, Yud = 10, Tav = 400. Therefore we have 2-200-300-1-10-400. The intention-container Beth raised to its immediate fulfillment as Resh whereby the unity of understanding occurs in Aleph, the One, the signal point of expression sharing the middle of creation with Shin. Shin the fire of creation, the light that surpasses itself by feeding upon itself and then ultimately realizing itself. This leads to the One. The unity of expression. The innate understanding that everywhere we go we are the center of awareness for the multidimensional universes we pass through and abide in. At this point in understanding and then yes in creation the One is raised to Infinity expressed as the progression of One seen in the Yud which now having experience also contains the wisdom of this experience able to see from afar and make the choices which lead to Tav, the completion of one idea-form realized including all of its logical subsidiary extensions.

Everything proceeds from this one word and indeed even from the letter Beth. This original intention shapes the void that follows with the light of inspiration which now brings about all future revelation. From one revelation all revelations proceed including the revelation that is God as the speaker or voice or these creations which continue nonstop. The Elohim or male female creative force can only repeat and give voice to what is taking place within the first word Bereshith. It does this by filling the Bara or the creative word with the force of creative intention. This intention transforms into the word of creation. In fact Bereshith gives essence to Elohim through Bara by saying first consider Creation and all of its aspects. Then out of this consideration and understanding continue the process and multiply the word. Just as Resh multiplies Beth by one hundred so too Bara multiplies Bereshith by the word or God Intention which now acts as a unifying force of creation acting from a single intention. This intention as we see is realized when man and woman are formed. Take from this allegory the plans for your own part in creation. First consider the Creation as a unitary event in which you are a central being. Then by imitating or reproducing that Creation you speak the word of God which echoes as thought within to voice your intention for experiencing the unity of what you think about and what you witness as a result of this meditation.

What is there to be created? This first verse goes on to say the Heaven and the Earth. Yes before we can embark upon the expansion of consciousness we literally need to envision what we seek to find and then be prepared for the realization of our quest. There is the place where you receive your inspirations from, the Archetypal or the Imaged Ideal and then there is the place where your inspirations appear reflected into the world of manifestation. These two, the Imaged Ideal and the Reflected Manifestation are unified forever and represent the unity of One spoken about previously. Their unity is both theoretical and experiential. What we can conceive that we shall receive.

In conjunction with our study of the Bahir we will also consider these opening verses in Genesis and relate them to each other on occasion via the mystery of unity which connects all of these sacred letters all of the time.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Bahir 96

Inflected forms: pl. en·tel·e·chies
1. In the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; actuality.

2. In some philosophical systems, a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment.

And so we begin the next Bahir verse 96. The preceding verse 95 was the equivalent of a cosmic portal through which all of us may travel. It leads in all dimensions to openings which have been suggested all along by this Bahir. These openings are the many mansions that we conceive of in our connection with the archetypes of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters and their astounding meaningful forms. This interesting word defined above about says it for what is our driving force.

Bahir 96. What is the earth from which the heavens were graven? It is the Throne of the Blessed Holy One. It is the Precious Stone and the Sea of Wisdom. This parallels the blue in the Tzitzit. Rabbi Meir thus said: Why is blue chosen above all other colours [for the Tzitzit]? Because the blue resembles the sea, the sea resembles the sky,l and the sky resembles the Throne of Glory. It is thus written (Exodus 24:10), "They saw the God of Israel, and under His feet was like a pavement of sapphire, like the essence of heaven in clarity." It is furthermore written (Ezekiel 1:26) , "As the likeness of a sapphire stone was the appearance of a Throne."

Commentary: The heavens may only be graven or grooved with our thoughts and of themselves they are what literally makes up the heavens. The earth forms its reflections from these thoughts in the mind of the mystery through the agency of the 'Throne of the Blessed One.' This is the place where thought and its inspirations are in stasis ruling over all as in sitting on a throne. Initially there is an influx of energy which continue until it awakens thought, the shaping power of consciousness which then sits in potentiality of becoming. There is the knowledge of this becoming called the 'Precious Stone' and the Sea of Wisdom' that accompanies or surrounds this Precious Stone. The throne is where our thoughts are at rest and then from there look out upon all of potentiality to become that which resides within. The blue in the garment of the tzitzit, the blue in the sky, all point to the throne of glory. The glory is the knowledge of the unfoldment of creation. The realms of perfection of this process are drawn out for us in the imagery of the sapphire and the pavement of sapphire which is to say that this above here where the stone of glory resides reproduces itself perfectly when it is seen from the earthly or existential level of manifestation. Further the likeness of the stone and the appearance of sapphire refer to the two states of being that we are constantly in flux with. The potential and the actual. This brings us back to our word of the day Entelechy where we are shown the actuality of our becoming. The clear meaning then is that our thoughts now residing in heaven reveal themselves in perfection through the experiences we live out in our lives. Reach to heaven and promote those thoughts that are highest to reveal your life and then experiences will follow suit in perfection.

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