Sunday, August 31, 2003

The ego will use every device in order to continue its relative existence. All of these devices have their root in projection. The mind projects an image and believes it to be true. This type of process produces illusions of the mind of every form including fear, jealously, hatred, paranoia, visions of evil spirits, etc. The ego will even attempt to exalt the mind into believing in its own supremacy over the light. The ego will reverse everything in its attempt to rule over your mind. The 99 percent world is the reality of the Garden of Eden Consciousness. The other, or the 1 percent is the ego’s persistence in its own existence. In fact every time you reference the other, you are speaking from the ego. By definition all talk of the other is projection. The ego will twist and turn words but in the end it is really at a loss being after all nothing at all.
There is one thing however that dissipates the ego-mind every time. It is the creator mind which always gives. This gift by definition is good. It’s inspirations heal us, fill us, supply us and nurture us. The Divine Will is always good. That’s how you know it to be true. Anything that is not of the Divine Will is by definition an illusory shadow world formed by the ego and its insistence on its own sense of being. If you hold your thoughts up to the light often enough they begin to take on the qualities of the light. If you insist upon the illusion all you will experience will be what happens when there is no connection. If you are looking for trouble, pain, misfortune, phantoms, enemies, etc., you will find it.
Perception of truth cannot be overemphasized. In Kabbalah the reality is Immortality of mind, body and soul. In life in every universe we are known to inhabit it is the lens of our own perception which forms the world for us. “You shall know them by their fruits.”
That is why it is so important to see good everywhere and in everyone. This is why Torah and Kabbalah are such incredible tools for “leading us into the paths of righteousness.” The fundamental tenet echoed by Rabbi Akiba and Jesus and other Kabbalists alike is “to love your neighbor as yourself.” This love is simply to see the good inside of you and then keep that good around you as you move about in the world treating others as yourself. In truth therefore, there is no other. We are one person.

JJ Slim


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