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Herein follows another explanation of the verses Ex: 14: 19-21
From which the 72 names are derived from.

This is accomplished by analysis of the terms used and their everyday common usage in today’s language and thought forms.

The principal cast of characters are:

The sea. HaYam Undifferentiated Consciousness
The Camp of Israel MaHanai Yisroel Unification of Consciousness
The Camp of the Egyptians MaHanai Mitrayim Split Consciousness
The Lord YHVH I AM
The Pillar of Cloud HeAhNav Mivnahem Eternal Presence of the Wayshower
Angel of God Malach HaElohim Higher Consciousness
Moses Mosheh Certainty of Consciousness

The Sea: It is here that we must cross to obtain our freedom. There are no forms here, only potentialities. Life is what we make it. Divine substance all around us molding itself to our thinking and Being.

The Camp of Israel: Once the mind realizes itself or becomes aware of its own inner function it seeks to become a part of the greater whole. View mind here as thoughts that are seeking the unity of higher expression. This is the reality of thinking. It is no coincidence that Israel has as it root in English “real, or reality.” I know one came after the other but the connection cannot be denied even if it cannot be proven etymologically.

The Camp of the Egyptians: All those thoughts that attempt to pull you down. This represents everything that tries to subjugate your mind to its influences. This is the ego mind of separation. Here there is the illusion of wealth, power, influence, etc, but not the substance of it.

The Lord: Our identification with the one self is represented here. It is our highest calling to which we constantly aspire to. By becoming more of ourselves we become closer to the representation symbolized by the Lord. Every action undertaken with this symbol as its focal point must result in transformation.

The Pillar of Cloud: Stairway to Heaven. Like an arrow pointing to our connection this symbol acts according to our needs in terms of rising above the mundane consciousness.
It is a creation of The Lord in order to provide a constant reminder and Way Shower to the pathways of peace. It is also a veil that is impenetrable in either direction. In many ways this represents the Torah which they are about to receive once they escape this present dilemma. It is Torah that is urging them onwards and protecting them and guiding them. Our thoughts need direction and Torah provides these directions in its inner and outer veils.

Angel of God: It is our inspiration, our Shekinah. It is the gentle nudge of Divine Will manifesting itself in our lives. From inspiration comes recognition of Divinity and then Certainty of action.

Moses: This is the action of I am through us. It is the directing force transforming Divine Will into Thy Will be done.

Okay that is the cast with their roles well defined. Now for the action which takes place discussed in terms of the meanings given above.

Background story: After years of straining to achieve a unity of purpose and after realizing the unity of that purpose, these higher thoughts break off from the inertia of the divided mind and move to establish the unity of one mind.

Conflict: In order to break completely free of the divided mind (Egypt) these thoughts (Israel) face the prospect of entering now as a unity into the realm of undifferentiated mind (the Sea) where due to the uncertain nature of undifferentiated mind, the cohesion or unity of Israel is threatened even to the possibility of a loss of this unity. Going forward (into the Sea) without this cohesion or unity would mean annihilation. Meanwhile in pursuit or in the background being held back by Torah, or the law of unity is the swarm of thoughts that make up divided mind which seeks to regain the energy from the recent departure of a part of its realm. To be engulfed now by Divided Mind would mean absorption and the effective annihilation of unity.


Inspiration(Angel of God) produces the certainty of the appearance of Torah seen now as a Pillar Cloud because it is still forming and waiting to be delivered later. Even in its earliest representations it has the power to intercede between the unity of higher thoughts
and divided mind. Ultimately through the action of certainty (Moses) of stretching out his hand, becoming one with Divine Will, the Lord then caused or carried the actions then visualized by Moses who is the active force of the unity of higher thought working in concert to then make their own world. The appearance of this new world is symbolized by the dry land. Moses and Israel changed the movie then and there. Walking through on their own volition, now with direction established, they cross to the other side. The other side is where unity is established. It is where certainty is.
While they are walking through the undifferentiated consciousness, divided mind is slowed down and then entirely consumed. Only then did Israel or unity of thought come into its own and become totally clear and free.

In our own lives we can do the same thing with all of our problems relying on these symbols to work the very same magic with any situations which may arise.
Hold to the unity of thought. That is our purpose. Keep moving and being inspired and let the Torah and Zohar guide you along the way. In Torah and Zohar are the paths of unity. It is to unity of thinking that we are to achieve then the oneness of being which then fulfills our lives in whatever it is we are. Our problems or divided mind will be left behind and ours is the choice to let go and let the divine will be the outcome of our every purpose and expression. We too go through the sea of undifferentiated consciousness every day. It is our purpose however to be triumphant completely over doubt and to have certainty and fulfillment in every moment. Use this metaphor in all situations where there you are seeking unity and to leave behind the divided mind.


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