Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Reincarnation is the long way around. It represents an earlier cycle of evolution as does Kabbalah. What you must realize is that once you are on this path, knowledge itself and your understanding within becomes accelerated. Present day Kabbalah sometimes called the Kabbalah of the hip, borrows this concept from Eastern philosophy attempting to assimilate their concepts with the New Age experience that has been ongoing. The problem with this assimilation is that the New Age experience has already gone beyond Reincarnation which I will explain a bit further on. When you study Kabbalah in context with Reincarnation, Palm Reading, Astrology, and face reading realize that the assimilation that is presented is a side trip. This side trip is necessary I suppose to provoke interest, to validate Kabbalah in terms of modern thought. No wonder you are confused when all of these concepts are mixed together. These concepts are then explained in the obscure language of the Zohar which does not speak directly at all.
Immortality too is discussed using an old paradigm adding to further confusion. The next area of illusion is the illusion of correction. Do not ever believe and take to heart anyone who tells you that your soul needs correction, especially the correction of lifetimes. This only stimulates your guilt and causes you to be subject to anothers will. Resist this on all levels. Stay with me I will tie all of this together. One more thing to complete the cloaking of who you really are is your soul. Forget about the soul or any concept that others may define for you. What you want in terms of all your questions is the certainty of being. Here is how you get to this or become this.

You are here for a purpose. Define this purpose. You make the definition by taking responsibility for your definition. If you don't like the definition of who you are, change it. The only freedom you ever have is your freedom to change your mind. You are already Immortal. You continue. There is your certainty. Because you continue and are eternal you now have the necessary distance to make your world into that which you would imagine it to be.

Monday, November 01, 2004

See the world rightly.

Thoughts make things. How you think about something, what you hold in your mind is the harbinger of what events your life will experience. We have to start with you first of all. There is no other or better place to begin.
Think about how good you can make your life. What thoughts are in your mind? It is from there that everything that is seen or imaged is made into the forms of your experience.
We aren't trained to think about ourselves and our thoughts. Our energies are directed outwardly. There is a kind of spiritual gravity that takes place. When you center yourself in your good, or in your good thoughts about yourself you make your world build itself around you. You become the center of gravity. The earth that then revolves around you reflects this.
Conversely when our thoughts are outwardly projected to the world, we end up revolving or being affected by the world. Since negativity abounds we then end up experiencing negative outcomes. The world (or satan or the other, or the ego) cannot have any power over you unless you stop listening to your voice within which is telling you about your good. You have the responsibility to promote this good everywhere within you so that you are surrounded by it. The way to correct the world is to correct your vision of the world. At first it seems selfish to go it alone but if you persist you will notice changes in yourself and the world around you. Remember the story about the world being saved for one righteous man. Be that one righteous man. See the world rightly. There is no other way to do this then to start right where you are, with yourself. See yourself rightly and the world cannot help but follow along due to the gravity of your righteousness.

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