Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Steven Spielberg, please contact Mark Siet in reference to his script/novel Reach For the Sky. It is the most important work of our times. (mark@marksiet.com)

A Jazz musician finds himself stepping off the stage caught up in a power struggle between political and industrial forces when he discovers the lost notebooks of Nikola Tesla and makes plans to build a Combustion Converter that completely eliminates gasoline from the energy equation."

Early on in my novel the main character turns to his cat Shooter and says,

"Gas prices keep rising. Oil has topped the one hundred dollar a barrel mark for the first time. There appears to be no end in sight."

Keep in mind that I finished this in 2004 when oil was touching $30 a barrel.

It is kind of eerie to predict the future and then see that prediction come true right before your very eyes. I am pointing this out to you because throughout the rest of the book there are predictions of what our world could be like if the invention described in fiction in the novel were to become in fact the answer to our energy needs.

More information on my story may be found here:


Think about the world today. Imagine the impact of a movie that provides a doorway into a world where free energy is commonplace. That's right. This invention described in both book and script is the real deal and may very well be our key to the stars themselves.

The full novel or script is available in pdf form or it can be posted to you.

I look forward to your response.

All my best,

Mark Siet



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