Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A response to negativity

The light is always on. This simple recognition removes all blocks, all negativity including the negativity of suggesting as you quote below:

"Negative acts clothe the soul. They leave impressions around it that keep the soul blocked from its source - the Light."

The idea that the light can be blocked by negativity does not fully understand just what the light is. It is darkness holding on to its clothing.

The light is. It cannot be any simpler. Forgiveness is seeing this light in spite of the illusion of blockages. Negativity does nothing. Our thoughts about negativity are what keep it in place.

Stop thinking about the negativity. Quit pointing it out. Stop making it into something that it is not.

See the light. Point to the light. Observe the light. Become the light.

Here is another phrase which you quote which just isn't happening for me.

"If chaos is manifested, it's already too late."

Is it ever too late to see the light? Of course not. In fact in our darkest moments, then and there is where we seem to manifest the most light. I am not seek your darkest moments but I am saying that it is never too late. Out of chaos comes order which represents light.

This next quote does not quite fit anywhere:

"There's no question that consciousness is vital. But what's really important is what results from it."

Consciousness is everything even that which results from consciousness. What part of the SHMA are we not seeing. Perhaps the first part. The Lord is One. The last above quote is purely materialistic. It surprises me that this should appear here. What I think is what I am.

Later on you quote:

"The Zohar says that if we're not willing to give the "ME" up, we'll be a
nothing all our life.

"So forget about what I think, what I see, and what I believe. Pull the plug on the ego."

Wrong again in my opinion. Since there is no universe without "I AM" I will have to know who I am and believe in who I AM and most importantly be concerned with what I think. The ancients used to say "know thyself," this was the prime directive. The ego is the other. It is the we trying to get you to do what "we" want you too. Example. You are in love with someone. One of your "we's" doesn't approve. They are hurt if you go off with this someone. Who do you listen to? My answer is go for the love and forget about the "we."

The is legion, the devil, the many, all those negative voices inside of your head.

I AM the still small voice of kindness, love, compassion, fulfillment, joy.

Spend all your life listening and this is what you'll hear. The golden inner sounds of the essence of who you are. Only then in joy and contentment will you touch the face of God, time and time again.


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