Monday, October 04, 2004

You enter a room it is dark. You turn on the light. Where did the darkness go? Leave the light on is what I am saying. Leave the light on all the time by choosing each moment to think about our good. I prefer to make my case for the continuity of the light. What I am doing in ACIM's words is not dwelling on the cruxifiction. Another way of seeing this word is the fiction of the cross. It did not happen. We are not bound except by our choice to be bound. It is also our choice not to fight the darkness or resist evil. This is a tough one for the literal minded. Liken your spiritual abilities, your mind flows to that of an eastern martial arts master. When the blows come you simply let them pass through you. It is the same with negative thoughts. Let them pass by and then into nothingness. Without your attention they cannot accumulate to the point where you are threatened. "Nothing real can be be threatened......" The reality of life is our pursuit and immersion in light. This light is represented by our thinking. If you constantly pursue this light, there will be no darkness around you. Some would say, but look out into the world at all that darkness. I would say teach your children to think so that there will be no more darkness


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