Thursday, May 05, 2005

Questions - Answers- Connections - Shaping

     I always ask questions and love to respond to questions. They are the beginnings of the openings which lead to to discoveries throughout the day. Sometimes the questions do not get answered right away and just sit there gathering information until the time is ready for the answer to come through. Also many answers lead to more questions as we continue this process of unfolding our being. One of the purposes I believe of Kabbalah is for this asking of questions. The Zohar is built upon the answers to questions about the various portions of the Torah. Through these answers we can sometimes apply their wisdom to everyday life. In particular I would like to point out the process which occurs in the Zohar and use this as a springboard for opening up our minds to even greater discoveries. This process is somehow overlooked in Kabbalah but here in Modern Kabbalah this process is the thing. It is the most important of discussions to learn how it is and what it is we are dicussing. This process is allowing ourselves to be free in the moment to associate with both questions and answers. This isn't just about sharing opinions but about the way of creation itself. As you are reading this consider what happens in your own mind as the openings occur throughout your day to meditate or to engage in conversations which raise the level of your awareness and of everyone else who chooses to listen in those moments. You will find that some shut off this kind of attention becoming suddenly fearful of travelling a path that seems unknown. Others will engage in conversation and listen intently because they recognize where their inspiration is coming from. We are builders here of the magnificent worlds of the mind. These worlds are constantly being transformed by the insights we bring into our thought structures and our willingness to be open to beneficial changes.
     Usually my writings come about because of a series of thoughts that occur in response to whatever. These start a chain of associations that invariably lead to another new vista. I never know where I will end up but I do recognize a great opening line or thought when I see it. However, there are moments like today when I start out blank. I have a brief moment of uncertainty as to whether or not today will be a good day for writing. Therefore I look for inspiration anywhere I may find it. Today's inspiration was as simple as seeing that someone new has joined our group. It is energy and specifically the energy of listening which between us translates to the energy of connection. It is this connection that goes back to the Zohar days and then way back to when it all began. It is this connection that we together are establishing. There is a certain kind of energy which we like to respond to. I call this energy higher mind. Higher mind allows us to continuously expand our horizons. This is a theme I will keep coming back to because as thinking feeling beings we are always seeking growth. This growth refers to all areas of life. It is life eternal which means to me a continous expansion of our possibilities. At this moment in time we are learning how to begin and continue each day. In order to be successful in our studies we must not be fearful of the unknown because this is what we take our inspiration from. The unknown is simply the material from which we can shape the wonders of our life. Never forget that especially when the way becomes unclear. In addition to our being living, thinking and feeling, we are also shaping beings. We are here to excel in the knack of shaping our thoughts to suit our environments. This connection between your thoughts and environment is what you can return to each moment. Then you may take stock of this world around you and make any adjustments that are necessary.


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