Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spontaneous Transformation

Action. Renew the connection with the higher mind. The repetition of prayer is does not open the higher mind, it numbs it making it harder to open these doors. The only thing that ever opens higher minds doors is the knock of creativity. It is no wonder that people become bored with Kabbalah after a while. They expect Kabbalah to do them, to somehow do what they need to do themselves. That is the real work of man to reach up for his good in increasingly greater efforts until he is there at one with his good. Prayers do not work by petition or repetition. They only work by the oneness inside of the prayer which must be constantly renewal. The truth about the way within is that it is made up as you go along. Spontaneous transformation is the term most often used for this. Our mind set needs to be fluid and poised like a tiger about to pounce. Only then will we take advantage of every opening that does appear.

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