Monday, September 01, 2003

The operation of mind upon itself deepens the awareness setting the stage for even more intense contemplation to the point where manifestation takes place increasing around the object of the meditation. Continued concentration is only made possible through persistent resistance of the ego mind set. Be patient in this because for a lifetime this mind set has been grooved and it will by default come in to interrupt your thinking and cause you to react with negativity to some situations. Each of us has vulnerabilities in certain areas. It is what the Kabbalah calls our Tikkune. By recognizing our Tikkune and resisting the pressures to react, we build our consciousness with the cornerstone of Kabbalah, sharing, giving without hesitation. This opens up for us all of those areas that have been blocked by the ego’s constant buildup of the debris of mind stuff. These openings occur in every area of your life, especially in those areas where you have placed the most faith and purpose in your life. Once these openings are put in the everyday operation inside of your life your deepest inner callings come to you. It is important to heed these calls from your higher self and not to dismiss them. Act then with the purpose of your inner mind all the while maintaining your awareness of your connection. Continue to reach for a more complete understanding. Bring in the new thoughts that arise from your meditations in areas of higher thought. Go beyond always where you are. Let go to receive the beneficence of divine inspiration called the Shekinah. When you are filled with the warmth of this greatest of all loving feelings, know that you yourself are the vessel and are being prepared for even more transformation through the agency of the Divine Will. Once you have reached this highest level of your thinking get to know the pattern of this awareness. Return to it via every method you can remember or invent in the moment.
Now from this purpose revealed there is the inflowing of the Divine Will following the pattern of the Zimzum, lightning flash of inspiration. Here thoughts turn into form. Recognize yourself in the various forms that do appear and learn to heed your higher voice and resist the egos inflow. Cultivate the stillness so that in time you will know the location of your higher thoughts. In this way the ego can no longer fool you into walking its twisted roads.
One way to turn around a reactive situation into which you start to respond to is to remember the love you feel. This love can be for HaShem, or another person or even a favorite pet, a place, etc. The ego faced with these kinds of thoughts backs away in bewilderment. Continue the pattern of love until the ego recedes or melts into the background. Then experience the connection. It is a physical as well as a spiritual feeling. Warmth flows up from the spine in DNA like fashion splitting at the solar plexus, spiraling around the heart, back to DNA double helix through the throat, filling both hemispheres of mind, Chokmah and Binah and then upward with a multitude of tendril like invisible energy signatures to connect with the Shekinah above and on either side.
The Shekinah is called the Divine Presence. It is always there. You are aware of the Shekinah or Divine Presence when you make the connection. You make the connection through acts of sharing. These acts of sharing are Threefold. One is to share directly with others substance, wisdom, inspiration, time, etc. Two is to share your spirit as when you are praying for healing for someone. Three is to love HaShem or another with a full heart and unconditionally. In this way the connection is approached and then accepted. The connection is always given however it is not always accepted. Your acceptance is your ability to resist the ego’s impulses, which obscure the truth of the connection. It is a kind of veil, which you’ll pass through when you resist at the point of greatest connection. That is when the connection is perceived and all you need do is open up your heart. In this moment then and only then, do you receive and accept the connection. Remember you can reach for the connection in every moment, especially when you are feeling uncertain. It is the way to certainty and what every tool of Kabbalah is trying to teach you. Let go of your resistance to HaShem. Turn your back on the ego and it’s allurements. If you keep going following the intention to make the connection whenever possible, you will soon experience such deep moments of unity that everything in your life will change accordingly. This includes all circumstances where there is the appearance of lack including, love, health and money. It is to this connection then that all efforts must be continually directed. Each time you experience the connection it is a triumph for all of us. Continue now in this moment as thy will is done.


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