Sunday, August 31, 2003

Give up any thoughts now that reason has provided even the most subtle of lingering doubts. Thinking is not making it so. It is the non-thinking aspect that we are to meditate upon. It is only here that concepts can be discovered which unify the very awareness we are using to delve into these matters of mystery.

JJ Slim
The ego will use every device in order to continue its relative existence. All of these devices have their root in projection. The mind projects an image and believes it to be true. This type of process produces illusions of the mind of every form including fear, jealously, hatred, paranoia, visions of evil spirits, etc. The ego will even attempt to exalt the mind into believing in its own supremacy over the light. The ego will reverse everything in its attempt to rule over your mind. The 99 percent world is the reality of the Garden of Eden Consciousness. The other, or the 1 percent is the ego’s persistence in its own existence. In fact every time you reference the other, you are speaking from the ego. By definition all talk of the other is projection. The ego will twist and turn words but in the end it is really at a loss being after all nothing at all.
There is one thing however that dissipates the ego-mind every time. It is the creator mind which always gives. This gift by definition is good. It’s inspirations heal us, fill us, supply us and nurture us. The Divine Will is always good. That’s how you know it to be true. Anything that is not of the Divine Will is by definition an illusory shadow world formed by the ego and its insistence on its own sense of being. If you hold your thoughts up to the light often enough they begin to take on the qualities of the light. If you insist upon the illusion all you will experience will be what happens when there is no connection. If you are looking for trouble, pain, misfortune, phantoms, enemies, etc., you will find it.
Perception of truth cannot be overemphasized. In Kabbalah the reality is Immortality of mind, body and soul. In life in every universe we are known to inhabit it is the lens of our own perception which forms the world for us. “You shall know them by their fruits.”
That is why it is so important to see good everywhere and in everyone. This is why Torah and Kabbalah are such incredible tools for “leading us into the paths of righteousness.” The fundamental tenet echoed by Rabbi Akiba and Jesus and other Kabbalists alike is “to love your neighbor as yourself.” This love is simply to see the good inside of you and then keep that good around you as you move about in the world treating others as yourself. In truth therefore, there is no other. We are one person.

JJ Slim
There is much here for meditation and inspiration. It is always about and because of the connection that I am inspired to write. It is a way to share what I have listened to and to connect with others whose understanding completes this sharing and continues this connection.
All is in Mind. Learn this. Get to know it intimately and then recognize the flow. There are 32 Pathways and 50 Gates as in Kabbalah, of this flow. Know each one as you would the pasture lands that lie in sight of the mansion where you are now to take your residence. It happens that quickly you know. These pathways in the flow are sometimes linear and sometimes across dimensions and through the various levels within these dimensions. Understand that higher thought is what you don’t understand becoming nearby and then accessible to you. It becomes accessible through your willingness to keep open your mind and heart for every opportunity to connect. The SHMA says “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. This means always do you strive for this connection. As with any endeavor, the more practice you have reaching for this connection the greater your success in achieving it constantly. You cannot grasp it unless you are actively engaged in this flow of willingness, reaching, opening, and sharing. It is here that the knowledge and conversation of the holy one is carried on. It is a special place filled with holiness. This holiness is from before ever there was even the concept of time or space. Learn to walk here as in those experiences that are common to us all. Know also that this holiness is beyond thought. It is the Eternal that I am speaking of. We are in our roles as sentient beings transformers of this energy of connection. All transformation in our lives takes place because and as a result of this connection.
There is a gentle motion to this flow evoked by our seeking. This seeking is designed to know itself. Everything that you ever find out about anything is directed by this seeking. It keeps evolving in its questing determined by your ability to listen more clearly each time an answer is brought back and to give forth in kind as this answer is received.
Read carefully Parsha Vaetchanan beginning, Deut: 3:23. According to the Zohar commentaries, Deuteronomy is the second Torah. This second Torah is given by Moses directly to the people who prefer to receive it in that way even though it is not directly from HaShem in the first person so to speak. Moses tells them this but still they prefer receiving it this way. This portion contains the SHMA and the ten commandments. Reference the Zohar reading on this parsha for an explanation of how the ten commandments are contained directly within the reading of the words of the SHMA.
The Zohar talks about the inner voice and the different ways of interpretation that are derived from these passages. The Zohar briefly touches on some of these interpretations and it meant to inspire you to listen for others. The importance of attaching yourself to Torah in this way to bring forth new interpretations cannot be over emphasized. Continually throughout the Zohar this aspect of study is mentioned.
In fact Kabbalah at its core is the device established since the beginning for all of creation to model. That is that the process of creation takes places based upon revelation. Revelation is when you are connecting to HaShem and taking part in the process of bringing forth that which is eternal. The creator gives forth endlessly. The light that appears as in “Let there be light”, is after all the connection which occurs. As soon as this connection, this light takes place, all sorts of wonderful things happen, bringing into form the universe as we are able to experience it today. Start here then with this light. Extend it as far as you are willing to experience. Then in this very moment experience the Eternal.
JJ Slim
This first post will briefly outline the purpose of these writings:
Kabbalah is the study of listening to the inner most self using the tools of the Torah, and the Zohar.
By relating these tools to studies such as Course in Miracles and Science of Mind, and Patanjali
we are able to see the connections which reveal these hidden truths. All of these writings come
from the one source as I am simply listening and revealing them as they are being revealed to me.
That is the beauty of Kabbalah in it builds upon each revelation making worlds upon worlds upon worlds.

JJ Slim

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