Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Everything that you think you can

  • You can do everything that you think you can. It is the certainty that must be grooved. There is no other time than right now to prove this to yourself. How? By continuing to think that you can. This is called empowerment.

  • In one sense you wake up into the world of your choosing and wake away from the current status quo.

  • In another sense you leave the unwanted dream to enter the desired dream.

  • Continue to give yourself reasons for wanting to be where you want to be.
  • Build upon this idea and expand it fully.

  • After a while momentum comes into play.
  • Out in the Open

  • Bring the thing out into the open. Surround it with expectation.

  • Move as though it is

  • Make every step you take a dance into the awareness of what it is

  • Let it teach you of its ways

  • Go forward now visualizing what you want

  • It is better to keep returning to the same thing rather than going off on a tangent towards something else which has nothing to do with the central idea.

  • There is an opening a clearing a parting of the mist

  • Fill yourself with feelings of satisfaction, completion, and success.

  • Direct your mind into the flow of the being you are seeking

  • Mark Standing

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004


    Here is the first part:
    Kavanna is intention. Meditate about what you want. What would you like to see in your life? How would you like your life to be? What kind of a life would you like to have? I am talking hopes and dreams here. In your mediation these hopes and dreams are turned into reality by your kavannah, or intention to keep focusing on them until they appear. This is the first part. It attracts the material for you to work with. If it helps you, write down things you want and then think about them.

    The second part:
    As your mind begins to wander, gently bring your thoughts back to what you want. Start small, just a few ideas at a time and elaborate on this as time goes on. This is meditation. Do not concern yourself with being able to see pictures of anything. They will come in time. Think of this time as controlled daydreaming where you are looking within for your thoughts and feelings about what you want to experience. Kavannah also operates here. It acts to keep your focus and teach you that you can have control over your thinking.

    Third part:
    Imagine the feelings you would have were you to receive what you want. Be elaborate here. Become an actor in your own play of life. Feel happy and satisfied and deserving of everything you are thinking about having. It is all good and just for you. This is the way you bring your thoughts into form. This is also how you earth those thoughts by accepting them not only intellectually but in the spirit body of your being which is characterized by your feelings. Feel good about what you want.

    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    I don't have the slightest clue as to what God is. Really. I thought I knew but the more I know the greater is my conviction that God is indescribable. At times God is simply a poor choice of words. God is not scary. Since I cannot tell you about God, there is nothing to be scared of.
    Like I said, I don't have a clue. Fear of God simply translates to watch your thoughts. Think bad stuff and bad stuff fills your life. Think good, see good. It is this simple. Last time I looked the only thinking was me. Nobody else is home. I deliberately put it this way. I have higher thoughts. Yes this is good. I have incredible visions. This is wonderful. My thoughts flow effortlessly into form. Ah sheer magic it is. What I recognize is the difference between good and bad. I must do this in order to prosper. Yes I want to prosper in all conceivable ways. I start out propering by thinking right. How do I know it is right. By how I feel. You see I've learned to trust and be honest about these feelings. I am talking about good feelings, feelings that are uplifting as opposed to feeling guilty or hurt or depressed. I want good feelings. They only come about by thinking good thoughts. This is a straight forward explanation. I could have coded and said "and God saw the light, that it was good."
    I believe the Torah was written by a man or group of men inspired or not inspired as the case may be. It (the Torah) is an endless source of inspiration. In my opinion however it doesn't go far enough or deep enough into what is happening all around us. Many times in the midrash we find are much more profound in demonstrating man's infinite capicity to make something out of nothing.
    In a sense we are all scientists experimenting with the reality of living. Our thoughts produce that reality.

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