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Kabbalah Views

This entire discussion concerning Kabbalah is about how much control you can have over your life. It is the difference between riding as a passenger without a choice of destination, or being the driver who has the map coordinates to where you want to go.
The fundamental purpose of every teaching you will ever undergo is to awaken your voice within. Your connection and your intention and your certainty are derived from this awakening. In the morning you awaken from a nights sleep. Over the course of your lifetime you awaken ever more clearly into the real world, the 100 percent reality known so because you have taken conscious steps to arrive here and now at your destination.
Connect with I AM. YHVH. Know what you are. Become what it is you are seeking. Make it happen.
Let go of this world. This simply means let go of the illusion of the permanency of any situation you do not want to be in. Allow the new paradigm to enter your consciousness and groove it. Oh so groove it with feeling and imagination. All of these are your sacred tools, the vestments of your temple, your pillar cloud above the ark.
Put aside doubts including Bread of Shame. It is simply another doubt to weigh you down. Listen only to I AM. YHVH.
Intention. Kavanah. Will. Sharpen these and fill them with strokes of joy the building blocks of creation. In joy is there light.
Let the light come shining through for you.
Don’t be concerned with being ready or studying this or that. If you are reading these words the doors have already opened. Let the light come shining through.

Thoughts come as inspirations directly from your true self, bypassing for a moment the Ego-flaming sword in the Garden of Eden. These thoughts represent a life envisions for all the good things you can encompass within your understanding. Action must be taken with respect to these thoughts . Without action the Ego comes in and basically robs these thoughts of their initial appeal. The Ego are klippot that rationalize ideas to the point of self distraction. The following is an exercise in meditation meant to move along the process of inspiration in the actual forms this inspiration can take according to your attention and passion for making all of this work out the right way.
Visualize your inspiration as an ideogram. It has already an archetypal form. Think of this ideogram as residing in Briah. Your initial inspiration came from Kether as a pure outpouring of the light. At this stage build Certainty (Ayin Resh Yud) into this ideogram focusing the power of this divine name in a sphere of influence completely enveloping it. Above this sphere of Certainty place (Lamed Vav Vav)Dialing God. This keeps the circuit with Kether open assuring a divine inflow of energy. Now circling around the sphere from East to West place (Nun Mem Final Mem) Listening to your Soul. Every answer and outcome takes place because and for this. Below the sphere of Certainty place (Mem Bet Heh) Thought into Action. The energy is being transformed here into a more visible representation. It is during this process of transformation that the Ideogram is most vulnerable to your Ego interference. To circumvent this, just below the (Mem Bet Heh) a set of divine names (Ayin, Lamed, Mem) & (Kaph, Heh, Tav) Eliminate Fear cascade in an upward spiral, West to East effectively preventing all negative influences coming from everywhere but most from inside yourself. This is a purifying energy, and it is spinning off the sparks of previously captured awareness. Below this at the final plateau before entering Yetzirah below find (Vav Lamed Vav) sending the recaptured sparks upward through Daat in a cone of uplifting adding to the energy now of Certainty at the Briah level. We are now at Yetzirah and the final preparations before passing into form. Here going through the vortex into form is (Ayin,Mem, Final Mem) Passion & (Lamed, Kaph, Bet) Finish What You Start, sweeping into the vortex as you realize the forms of your inspiration. Here at this level there is a lake being filled by your thought forms. In this Lake at the end leading into the ocean of all pervading mind are the letters (Dalet, Yud, Nun) Enough is Never Enough, so that complete and total transformation are continually taking place.

Utilize this meditation in your own way. It may help to make a map for you to visualize each step and the accompanying steps. This meditation is an example of what can be worked out with the 72 names used in conjunction with each other. Remember the entire panel of 72 names may be used as a control panel much the same way as you see control panels used for any multi-system environment. Pressing the right buttons is crucial to getting where you want to go as well as making sure you get there in one piece.

Once your consciousness has been developed sufficiently, a single thought will instantly evolve into the designated form. For now use the tools of awareness and have fun. For some a simple read through of these instructions will be enough. No further meditation is necessary.

"The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out" (Vayikra 6:6).

Beyond all the veils that are encountered in the study of Torah there are certain areas that sing through to the essence of the matter and give a clear indication of the key through which it can be understood.

What is this fire? What are we burning? What is the altar?
The fire is our constant aspiration for connection to I AM. In this we can never stop our aspirations. We seek and maintain a continual conversation within I AM. It is only through this attitude of attention that our connection transcends the material becoming eternal and ever filled with life.
We are burning every thought of the EGO Mind. Anything that would hold us back from our connection to I AM. There is no law except God’s law. That is constant connection, sharing to give, and unity within the person with I AM.
The altar is the source of all being. It is where all of our inspirations come from. It is eternal and provides the ladder from earth to heaven and back again. The altar is where we sacrifice our downward gazing and renew our high watching to the source of all, I AM. The altar is the interface of transformation.

These are the processes taking place within your own consciousness as you learn to listen attentively to I AM. Torah seen through these eyes becomes transparent and her riches gathered into an eternal awakening for your consciousness. All we ever really needed was the key and then constant practice.

Through an understanding of the key, the codes of the Zohar surprisingly become clear in a moments notice and rise up within you matching what your soul’s memory already knows. I AM and there is no other. Therein lies the way for all beings. The Zohar whispers its love and the freedom you find through applying it’s treasured wisdom fills your entire conception with a joy of new found awareness. Imagine life without the glasses of illusion where concepts and persons all are made crystal clear. Imagine your own part in each other’s transformation. Imagine this very thing, right now.

The secret of the pillar cloud
By constant awareness of God's presence and through repeated envelopement by
the Shekinah (the spirit of God, or the sheath of God-really it is just our awareness of
our greater self) a channel of connectivity is formed. Imagine a people doing this and then
you have the pillar cloud. Once inside of this awareness anything is possible. The laws of time and space are suspended. Immortality a natural state of being. Be excited because it has
returned. Look up constantly. Your creator awaits your highest watch. It's really easy.
When you were small you were connected/enveloped all the time all the time. It's like the
best hug you've ever had there for your making. Smile your deepest smile. It's a glorious new


I have found this blog very insightful. I do have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to. I am a Christian-a true born again believer-I make the distinction not to offend but so many people claim it but don't live it. Sorry, Anyway, I am very interested in Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabalah but I don't see anything that points to it's Judai-O-Christian fullment in Christ Jesus, Can you give me some answers? Thanks

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