Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Someone once asked me, “How does all of this work? There are all of these symbols and spiritual expressions but it will take me a lifetime to figure all of that out. How do I know that at the end of my studies, I really get there?”

My answer was this: “If we think of the Tree of Life glyph with all of its symbols, worlds and pathways there is much to meditate upon. However before starting to meditate it may be easier to provide you with an idea which can be superimposed upon this Tree of Life in order to show you how things work by analogy.
Take a look at a living tree. The Oak tree for example. There it is standing thirty feet in the air. The leaves at the top are full and green. What provides the food and sustenance for these leaves. Yes it is the earth with its minerals and water but the inspiration for passing all the way up the trunk and branches is the sunlight these leaves receive. This sunlight is a subtle but most powerful force. It penetrates the leaves, the earth and it’s very essence causes the sap to flow upwards against gravity. All of the branches-pathways of the tree are watered and nourished. Without this sunlight the tree cannot continue. There is no life without light.
You in the manifestation of your being mirror this Oak tree. Our bodies are of a grosser element. It is why sunlight alone is not enough to cause the blood to flow as the sap flows in the tree. We need for this a pumping station called the heart. Still what sustains us. What gives us life? Where is the intelligence of this life? After a sophisticated body isn’t enough, there must be something else which operates like the sun does for the plants and trees.
There is. It is the same force in operation which projects the sunlight. We recognize this force in our being as Will, or Will to Good. It is the shaping, conducting, differentiating force. In order to understand this it is helpful to understand the basic composition of the energy of the universe. Everything starts out as undifferentiated substance. It is the nothing which contains everything. Don’t try and figure out what nothing is. Just accept it as a starting point. Divine Will causes light to enter into the awareness of this nothing which responds to this light by becoming everything which the light reveals to itself about the nothing. The process whereby the light creates, shapes and forms out of this nothing is called thinking. Our thoughts are the results of the nothing taking the forms of our thoughts in varying degrees of complexity.
Now to answer the question of how do I get there. Recognition of the underlying processes leads to a greater understanding. It allows not only greater unity in Mind but insures that the operation of Will is unhindered by ego generated blocks. With practice you will begin to be able to jump from nothing to something of greater complexity with more of a unification of consciousness. This process is what underlies revelation, where all of a sudden you have a new idea or way of looking at things. It is in fact the purpose of this answer to provide that new way of thinking that you can incorporate into your spiritual studies. Taking these ideas and then reading Torah and the Zohar provides additional impetus for revelation. Torah itself is like walking into a Tesseract. A Tesseract is a house built in four or more dimensions. Torah leads us into revelation and the Zohar is an example of a way to reveal these revelations. Every experience is a personal one where certainty is learned and rehearsed until it becomes second nature. Certainty is your own awareness of the inner workings of your own connection to HaShem-the One Will to good. Operating through you is in essence how it all works.


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