Tuesday, January 27, 2004

How to build certainty. How to know it is always there. How to take away the emotional component of uncertainty. How to use now this certainty in each moment to enter into the worlds of being that are the openings in consciousness you are journeying through.

In order for a canoe to glide easily through the water, it is helpful to minimize the weight being carried by the canoe. In metaphysical terms heavy emotions are the excess baggage which must be discarded before taking off downstream. Then there is the water that you are travelling through. Is it clear or muddy? Is the current steady or moving from side to side?

Now understand the sea of vibration and its effects on you. Understand the breaking away from the current and the allurements of the current. The familiar often tempts us to remain where we are regardless of the pain it causes because of the entropy built into this decaying harmony.

Harmony or vibration is all around us, in and through us. Our thoughts but echoes of these vibrations that we can somehow move according to the will of the One.


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