Monday, January 12, 2004

The knowledge of Kabbalah came into existence the moment man first became self aware. This self awareness was of his own thought process. When meanings suddenly became important and the correlation between his thoughts and the world around him were gradually and increasingly becoming self-evident. In Genesis man has a complete knowledge of Kabbalah at the beginning as his thoughts and the thoughts of his creator are one thought. There is no distinction until one is made via the serpent knowledge or the knowledge of the body. Man's focus on the body produces the split mind referred to in A Course in Miracles. This split mind begins to deny the existence of the unity of oneness between man and God. Along the way various personages reawake this unity from Seth to Enoch to Noah but then not again until Abram discovers this unity and becomes Abraham.

We read in Genesis 14 of the mysterious king Melchizadek who meets Abram
  • 18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine; and he was priest of God the Most High.

  • 19 And he blessed him, and said: 'Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Maker of heaven and earth;
  • 20 and blessed be God the Most High, who hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand.' And he gave him a tenth of all.

  • "This Melchizadek, King of Salem, priest of God Most, as his title denotes, king of justice and also king of Peace; who is without … origin...this Melchizadek dwells as a Priest in perpetuity." Note also that the priesthood of Melchizadek consisted in the offering of bread and wine.

  • This was following a victory over all the enemies of Abram where Abram was able to recover Lot who had been captured by these enemies. These enemies turn out to be symbolically the anger, fear, doubts, uncertainties which beset the mind in search of itself. Melchizadek offers peace and the elevation of mind resulting from this peace symbolized by the bread and wine. What is really offered is the knowledge of the conversation within and the way to be self aware fostering the unity between God and man. This age old wisdom comes about only after Abram has struggled within and now begins to understand what is going on. Melchizadek is therefore the symbol of the calm or stasis reached after the soul continues to receive this wisdom. Continuing on to the elevation of Abram to Abraham somewhat later:
  • Gen 17: 5 Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for the father of a multitude of nations have I made thee.

  •    The light of Kabbalah serves to unify the thoughts into the higher realms of unity. Self awareness occurs as the soul realizes its own oneness within its thinking. Then there is the realization of the dominion of highest thought over descending levels of thought. These nations or multitude of nations are the conceptual realities built up through the continuing thought process. Groups of like ideas unify, spurring further unity of these concepts until the whole is realized in totality. This process is ongoing in the Torah. It turns out that the entire purpose of creation is to inculcate this knowledge within the beings of creation. The energy of awareness can be compared to the rising sap of a tree which continually overflows causing all the growth in its season of every part of the tree. Kabbalah is the process that is continually discovered and recovered. After Abram is circumcised, or after he is cut off from his negative thinking, he ascends to be "father of many nations" or to have the consciousness of his own thinking including the knowledge of the various levels of that thinking. To his name is added the Heh being the second Heh of YHVH symbolized by Briah. Sarai becomes Sarah having also a Heh added to her name, which is the second Heh of YHVH symbolizing Assiah the world of Form. It is through this elevation that this couple is able to reproduce a child where they had been childless before.
       At the time of the Israelites slavery in Egypt they had all but forgotten their heritage safeguarded by Jacob whose last wish is to take his bones to the cave at Machepelah where Abraham and Issac are buried. What he is speaking of is to make sure that the knowledge that was passed to him is safeguarded so that in the "promised land" the people could live by it. His body is embalmed by the Egyptians, meaning he is speaking of the knowledge of Kabbalah that is in Egypt as well. This is not limited to his understanding but to the knowledge of the entire length and breadth of Kabbalah itself, the ability to receive and raise thought to its highest place within.
       This is why Moses the first born does not lose his life and the other first born are slain. These other first born are the thoughts that do not come from or go to unity. They cannot survive in this Egypt because the knowledge of Kabbalah has been lost to all but the redeemer Moses. The thoughts that he represents are nurtured by the wisdom of the Egyptian priests who Moses studies with. Moses realizes he is Hebrew and heir to the Kabbalah that has always been. His "People" are his thoughts brought into form and when one of his thoughts is "stifled or whipped" by the taskmaster,(the ego) he kills in the interest of preserving the growing knowledge of Kabbalah within him. He retains the Egyptian knowlege but following his sojourn with Jethro the Midian priest, he has gained understanding of the "true Kabbalah" taught to Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It is this knowledge he comes face to face with at the burning bush and the conversations with God. Self awareness is blossoming in Moses. The burning bush is a soul on fire with connection, beyond the bodily distractions and in a world where everything is possible. He can do nothing else but share this information with his people, the thoughts that have been growing with him and yearning to be free of the body. These thoughts are to undergo the same transformation as Moses.
  •    So it is in these interpretations of what Kabbalah is. It is about your thinking, your relationship to who you are and what you are in the world around you. Kabbalah teaches us the finely tuned adjustments we have to make in order to live and move and have our being in and throughout our self awareness.


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