Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Free will. It is a state of mind whereby the eternal present fills our awareness completely. We let go of everything. Now requires nothing only our sense and identification with Being.

Forget about what "Kabbalah" teaches unless you have received this teaching internally, tested it within your own life and processed it through your own heart.
"Kabbalah" says nothing unless it says it to you in your own unique way of listening. It is your own understanding that makes up the "Kabbalah" of your life.
No other teaching about "Kabbalah" will do. The truth of "Kabbalah" is what you are listening to. Listen and watch your thinking.
In order to get the most out of "Kabbalah" it is helpful to realize that "Kabbalah" is a process and not a religion, and not tied to Judaism, or the Torah, but belongs to Life itself and is a name for the way to understand who you are and why you are. You make "Kabbalah your own by using what rings true within yourself to develop your own way. "Kabbalah" can be used to study the Torah and much of our knowledge of "Kabbalah" began with the discovery of the unity of thinking that evolves from Torah study. However "Kabbalah" or the process whereby our thoughts are made conscious have a much greater role than mere scholarship.
What you can do is to change the focus of your listening so that your thoughts are harmonized with Light or Right Understanding. The good that is yours for the asking is the good you are listening to or for. You are right to mistrust every definition that does not ring true within yourself. There is Truth in your Innate Being. When Truth is sounded your Innate Being answers in harmony giving its own harmonic response that only you know. It is the sound of Verification. This sound is only heard in the Now.


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