Thursday, January 15, 2004

  • Finish What You Start

  • It is incredible what you can do when you are surrounded by perfection. You can actually tie into the moment and stretch your wings of faith throughout in order to fill this moment. The enormity of the manifest creation can be overwhelming. Every opening is able to be felt first within and then there is the outflow.
  •  Ignore the inertia and proceed as if everything were in order. The way and the means will come as long as the flow is maintained by your attention. In this way there is a defintie purpose revealed throughout every part of the unfolding. The intensity that is worked out is a proven thing. You must get over the time oriented revelation. In order to experience timelessness, act as though time is not.

  • The instantaneous realization of self produced thought processes is only known by the observer in the field of awareness. The actor can do nothing but play a part. You can therefore make it necessary to produce each moment by reawakening the mind in subtle stages one by one. The making of this type of energy is pure.
    At each step there is coherence with the whole. At a certain point there is a shift where the mind is enveloped by the called forth reality. It experiences inner knowing. This inner knowing has correspondences to where you are and what you are seeing. Your thinking activates these energies but is not the inner substance out of which they are made. To know this we have to look deeper into the absolute nature of composite reality.

  • It is during the midst of this outward flowing reality that all spontaneity is experienced. Going with the flow then become what it the most natural way to understand these functions as they occur of themselves. Remember we are building the inner corridors which form the suprastructure of consciousness. Each time you are able to get through to substantiate your presence it rises to the highest level of the moment. There is continued work to be done which is why the grand architect always is in movement and is always perfectly at rest.


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