Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Mind is circumscribed by thought, everything impinging upon it all at once. It is a sea of consciousness only navigable by direct intention. The feeling of being lost or helpless in these waters, is common to those sailors whose attention wavers or is misdirected. Everything must be made to serve the One, even the most commonplace actions, even those actions which have no apparent relationship but still the attention must be directed from within with the end in Mind. Yes there are eddies, pools, lakes, and streams, backwashes, inlets, peninsulas, rivers, oceans, vast areas of fathomless space, and droplets like rain collecting into puddles on city streets. It is the inner knowing that you are guided along these ways by your choices each moment as you discover within the light to open up and prepare your way. It is then to this light that your attention must be directed and your listening heart will feel where your mind is taking you today, right now, for no other time but here and now.
No one will do this for you. No one will make this happen but yourself. Waiting for it to happen by scanning the void will not work either. It is active listening that is required. Listen for the One within to provide this and every answer. When you look around you have the feeling of having it already done. Breathe into this feeling. Become one with it. It cannot be a part of something unless it is a part of everything. Do not make wishes. Command your consciousness, your Mind to issue forth that which you are intent upon. Command not as master to a slave but rather as a Lord to a subject. Mind is subject to Will. Nothing is more important than the understanding of this concept. It is the Magnum Opus. Mind accomplishes its Will through a series of unifications resulting from the Certainty of Will.


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