Tuesday, November 04, 2003

  • Blessed Art Thou Oh Lord who gives us the Torah and the Zohar everyday to contemplate thy wisdom and fill our lives with light and connection amongst all souls.

  • Blessed Art Thou Oh Lord, ruler on high, whose mercy is forever, and whose lovingkindness extends from heaven to heaven.

  • Blessed Art Thou, King of the Universe, maker of all thy will and wayshower to fill the minds of men with wisdoms plenty.

  • Blessed Art Thou, YHVH Elohim extending thy light everlastingly, teaching as thou art providing in all big things and every small detail the wonder and beauty of our lives.

  • Blessed Art Thou, Revealer of all, who blesses us with inspiration and shows the way for every soul to be connected to thy will.

  • Blessed Art Thou Oh Lord, who demonstrates thy being in each smile and the laughter sounds throughout the ages.

  • Blessed Art Thou, Mystery Infinite, in every hidden place, thou provides the light to understandings way.

  • Blessed Art Thou, Beauty Invisible, and Beauty Manifest, who guides my hands in the pursuit of thy perfect forms.

  • Blessed Art Thou, YHVH Adonai, keeper of my soul, restoring me to light every time by thy bountiful grace.

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