Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Only the Ego does battle. Only does the Ego feel attacked. Kabbalah is to receive, not for the self alone but to share. The Ego wants the attention directed on itself. It's like that joke. "Enough about me, so let's talk about me." The Ego tries to hold on to the status quo. Of course everything changes. Count on this and see the wonder of it all.

In timeless beauty wisdom knows
its place in all of thinkings flows.
Love always there in everything,
Certain winter contains the spring.

A door that opens inside out.
Light forever pours from a spout
Rising up the angels share it all
Include each of us within their call.

This world and all its shadow play
Turns round and changes day to day.
The will of one is all we see,
and cannot stop eternity.

Voice that is still, never silent.
Love finds that will be Heaven sent.
Watch within the world is no more
and live again time now in store.


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