Friday, September 19, 2003

Torah. Why Torah? All those prayers every day. How come? Mitvahs. So many. What is up with that?

We need a plan. We need a plan for connection to God. We need a plan for our lives. Otherwise by living in this world and only reacting to each situation the best we can, we cut ourselves short of the incredible abundance that is always being offered to us.

Beyond the stories and the characters and the lessons that Torah teaches there is of course a divine purpose. We are being trained as a person. We are being trained as a people. This training is about the only game in town. It is the why and the how our thoughts work together to produce everything that we experience. There are no exceptions. If you were to design a machine that does our will you would produce some of our most advanced computers. However these computers work within the parameters that are outward producing. We still have to place the inside information within them in order to process their functionality.

Consider the ark, the temple and the many details which go into their making. Why do we all need to know how to make this temple which now no longer stands? It is because we aren't building an outer temple at all but the inner design of our thinking. We are building constantly our template for living in this world and experiencing everything that we are thinking about it. We are miners of cosmic energy. We are given the ability to tranmute this energy into thought and then into forms of our making. It is our responsibility to take only the highest grades of thought into our internal being. The lower grades need seasoning and must be sent back for additional processing. This processing takes place because of our awareness of their capabilities, the capacities inherent in thought from lowest to highest grades of material. This material can be said to be spiritual. Spirit in this case refers to thought before our making and after our making. Thought or spirit is unlimited. At a certain point in our making spirit becomes holy. This holy spirit is our own permutation of the malleable spirit now imbued with our sense of being. Movements take place within this spirit that raises this spirit or thought to the level of unification. It becomes like other thoughts that have been raised and it is added to this holy thought, with its own energy of being now unified with the whole of being that is becoming transformed. In the world around you this happens every moment.


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