Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Make the connection.
Expand your mind to fill your soul.
That's the point.
Expand by letting go.
Leave the ego behind.
The dweller on the threshhold is the gatekeeper.
All negativity is kept out and recycled this way.
All thoughts are devices for inner awareness.
Once the dweller in place, that is once you understand that you have the power to produce a non permeable mind filter to stop the negativity from interfering with your process of unfoldment, you join with and are one with God.
The will to give and the will to receive work flawlessly producing everything you need. Everything you want. No exceptions.

Go deep within allowing thoughts to expand, filling your awareness with everything you could imagine and all of it good. Remember the dweller catches everything amiss. We are used to spending so much time defending this and that, but now with the device of the dweller on the threshhold in place, we are free to soar. Everything becomes possible.

Look at the letters YHVH. Consider the shapes in English and not in Hebrew.
The Y, a tree, life in extension, symbol of our expanding thoughts.
The H, the unification of two which become one. Our thoughts unifying through our attention to our central purpose.
The V, the penetration of the seeds of thought into the great mother, through Binah opening up to fill the world with our creations-formations, the outpicturing of thought into form.
The H, again stability, opposites harmonized, the form realized. Our dreams come true. Heaven on Earth. Immortality. Divine Consciousness.

A hint here and just one. The dweller on the threshhold is only put in place after you have learned to watch and listen to your thinking and make the right choices along the way. Then in one miraculous moment the dweller appears, negativity now becomes dissipated into its undifferentiated energy (sin no more), and you are filled with abundance of vision to make your world into the Garden of Eden of your choosing.


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