Monday, October 13, 2003

All of the work you do is on yourself. Every action you take even in the service to others expands your idea of who you are. You are being taught to think and be from your own center of awareness. As you continue in this way your perspective gradually changes. You learn to rely more on your own internal sense of being rather than viewing-judging outward appearances. Every time you refrain from this reaction-judging-in terms of negativity of the person outside of you and reinforce the idea of internal peace calm, good will towards all, then you are making an example of yourself for you to remember. Thought is the spiritual food of our awareness. We discover right thinking through persistent letting go of negativity which opens the vessel, and a pouring in from the creator sources which is our way of objectifying this pouring in. When we choose good thoughts, philosophies, words to meditate upon, we are then strengthening our connection to this source of all creation. You don't have to change the person or situation outside of you, you need only effect the changes for good within yourself. It isn't their negativity that is our concern but rather our own attention to our inner good which transcends every negativity. It is always choice. What do we set our minds attention upon? It is the perfection of perception that we are seeking. [Turn away from evil. Get thee behind me. Look not into the pools of darkness.] Yes we see evil or the need for correction in situations and others past and present, still that is not to be our focus. Again we cannot change these situations, we can only change our way of thinking about them. Do not take them to heart or as a source for meditation. The only question you need ever ask is: Who am I and how can I become better? In this way your life becomes self directed. Using this self direction to bring forth every good thing in your life enriches all of us.


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