Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The movie changes moment by moment. It requires a subtle eye to recognize these differences but be assured they are occuring all around you. These changes are in response to your thinking and the direction of your thinking. What is most amazing is that these times of recognition occur even when in the midst of apparent confusion either in the circumstances of your life or the state of being in your mind. What they offer is the way out of confusion by allowing you to focus your energy on that which is real. The reality of a situation is your ability to recognize the unity of your being within such situations. An almost imperceptible shift occurs and the promised land comes into view as on an early morning sunrise when just the whisper of light appears.

Look for that light and then feel it rising up around you filling you and your world with a majesty pervading every fibre of your being. The funny thing is that even as this miraculous event is taking place nothing seems to be at first different and then like the sudden appearance of the first bright rays of the sun, you know deep down everything is okay.

Look for that light no matter where you are in time or space. It is always there working its magic all throughout everything.

Look for the that and therefore open your heart in timeless awareness, your being flowing in and out of time as one who has known divinity and chooses this expression of being called life in this body.

Look for that light as everything becomes brighter for you. Consider not the effects in the moment but rather know the moment is having the effect of light upon you. It is very important to stand where you can see the light all the time. That is why you resist negativity, anger, reaction and the like because then your view is blocked and you seem to be in darkness. No this is not the case ever because all it takes is a moment just like this one in order for you to realize the truth of your being and that you are not ever alone. Reading these words here is a reminder that the light is here for you.

Be watchful in the simple things and grateful for their peaceful being. You do not have to do anything other than be open and know that your time is right now. No other moment has been placed before you.

Continue in each moment with this awareness. Remember oh dearest one precious to mine eye, tender to my touch, warm in my embrace. Unfold with me into the beautiful palace of being there in the very heart of your soul. All along such a treasure you carried and now it is revealed to you.

It is the treasure of a thousand lifetimes filled with the understanding of unity. Let this oneness of being overflow within you and know that there is no end. It is all a continuation. Imagine if you will your favorite movie as the happy ending plays on the screen. Perhaps in this scene the happy couple are standing smiling on their doorstep as the camera pulls back to reveal the credits, or maybe just you are looking off into the distance, a brilliant panorama before you, you and your soul mate are leaving on a journey into eternity.

Then with the brightest of futures ahead of you, the movie credits pause and your life of happiness continues and grows even better from there. Take it to the limit and then go beyond. It is imaginations source that is driving you and opening up each vista of blissful remembrance within. Keep this vision going and then be at peace at your life emulates the vision and you act through the light of your awakened understanding. Do this now in the name of the highest moment. Do this for those moments past and yet to come healing everything by unity. Accomplish harmony. Stop time by unity. Let each moment respond as it will to your direction within which is guided ever by that Light, by that source by that ineffable point within a myriad of foci.

Expect the miraculous. Live now. Peace and manifest Being ensue. The connections are strengthened and magnified.

Congratulations and then congratulations again.

Happy New Year.


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