Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Kabbalah is listening to the One Source. Yes by this definition All is One.

This is a tricky one though because the Ego says that there is separation, that we didn't want to receive all of the light or wanted just a little light or wanted to get the light by ourselves. Any of these tricks by the ego are simply for its own perpetuation.

The Ego stays in business, takes all your money (10 percent and more) and goes out to make more converts for its cause, using your capital as advertising. Laughable really is the extent to which the ego would deny unity. The Ego and its reasoning would have you work lifetimes to achieve unity. The Ego preys upon us when we are at our weakest offering bread crumbs while we are passing up the banquet offered by One.

One could never deny itself. One is all you need. One is now. The fast track to One is to realize in this very moment that all of your joy and good surround you now. Return to your good when you are distracted by the Ego's claims. Even in the midst of the madness of the Ego, One is always there playing the same simple melody. Join in this harmony.

Some define Kabbalah as the Tree of Life, the Sephirot, Torah, Bahir, and Zohar. These all are simply byproducts or what comes of participating in Kabbalah. Listen for and to your good. Keep up this attention using every opportunity to expand it. One is here. How could it not be so?
More important than any prayers or affirmations is the spontaneous recognition of your good everywhere all at once throughout infinite dimensions in time and outside of time.
There are countless instruments faith but the true faith resides in the heart of the believer. The 72 names, the prayers, the rituals, the holidays all are symbolic of faith but they are not what faith really is. Faith is seeing directly into the center most concentration where One is all. It is from this recognition and follow through that faith is not only proved, reborn, and resurrected but it becomes eternal.
Every single one of our aspirations comes from One by the mediation of One says the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Timelessness results. Letting go of time, it takes no time to bring forth all of your good.


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