Friday, December 19, 2003

You really don't have to work hard at all to regain your orientation inside of the One Will. In fact hard work will take you outside of the Eternal Flow. Hard work means your choices are based on eternal influences such as the ones named above. Let go of the past and future and be here now.
Life inside of the One Will lifts you up in each moment but there is no sense of "down." It becomes natural to survey all you see without owning it. Acceptance of your part increases your active participation. Your gifts are then called upon, awakened and utilized for the benefit of all. Yes it is a safe bet to spend your life inside of a philosphy of free will which lets you know your boundaries, its limits set by the authority of the moment. However this does not promote the growth that is natural to all unified spirit. Most cannot and will not give up their free will even though by such an action they are tying themselves to everything less than the "One Will." It is Creation itself that you in your identification are unified with. It is only through the expansion of the all encompassing Mind that Unity is arrived at in every moment. In the face of such overwhelming Being, religion becomes superfluous, a veil worn through with time and age. It is disturbing to realize that there is no creator only the unity of Creation represented by the Goddess in times past. What you think you know you can never know. It is when you face and become the unknown that truly the life of One is enjoined.


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