Monday, February 02, 2004

I am on roll now. The information is becoming more clear with each passing moment. The attitudes which have prevented forward motion are going by the wayside. Like I have written in a song, "everything is moving easy now, I don't have to waste my time."

72 Names Update:

Twenty five years ago I participated in a research project meant to detail the vibrational qualities of music in terms of meaning, strength of meaning and tension or lack of tension together with the conceptual archetype of each set of 4 notes depending upong their sequence. Based upon these studies using 4-part chords and the guitar I was able to complete this study. At the time it was way beyond my comprehension. I only knew that it was a work unprecedented in the annals of any studies ever done before. What I am beginning to realize is that I can use this study with the 72 names giving each one a meaning in sound and in concept. I may have to rework some of the meanings given forth by Rabbi Yehuda Berg in his book 72 names of God, since the flow of energy just doesn't fit in many places. For now I am using these concepts but realize for any system to be of use, it has to be fluid much like the warriors of old used their knowledge of the "intimate within" to enter into any world they wished to. It is all coming together. It truly is the "light that was very good." What I know is that it isn't just the letters or the meanings ascribed to them but is the discreet vibrational force which they represent. I am blessed to be able to recall these vibrational characteristics in their entirety. Besides the fruition of intention, their makeup is such that the most beautiful song is produced allowing the feeling nature, crucial in every intent bound direction, to blossom and grow past the normal rudimentary emotions. Not only does this improve every meditation but it provides the missing link in making these meditations reproduceable through the memory of the harmony that is put forth with each name.


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