Sunday, September 07, 2003

It was a difficult Parsha this week's Ki Tetze. The symbols were many and the relationships not readily apparent. Still the basic symbols of Virgin, Father, Israel, Shekinah all point to an astonishing process whereby mind not only comes to know itself but becomes intimately involves in all of creation.
First the foreign born woman taken in capture in battle: This is a thought from other than the immediate inspiration of I AM. In order to prove this thought it must undergo a bareness of its inner core, or literally, shaving the hair from the woman and paring her nails, to see if in thirty days this thought is still appealing and viable. If so, then you marry this woman-this thought you take unto yourself in unity with all else. If you decide not to keep this woman then you are to release her not for gain or as a slave. This comes to mean if this idea does not suit you, let it go completely. Don't promote or speak of this to anyone. Let it go completely. Do not deceive others by this thought. There is much more here which I am sure will surface during this week of meditation on this Parsha. Keep tuned for further insights.


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