Monday, September 08, 2003

The main question that fills Ki Tetze is how does the Shekhinah transform undifferentiated consciousness into the designs of thought and the patterns of form. All through this process the Shekinah is active. Let's see how in regarding the individual mitzvahs this all works out.

In the first mitvah concerning the foreign woman who is desired by the man capturing her in battle, we look at the symbols to investigate the meanings underlying this. The man or the initiating part of consciousness can only gain control of the foreign woman, who respresents a concept which is formed on the basis of self examination found in confronting the ego mind. These type of thoughts can only be used if they are stripped of their ego like elements. In the case, the outer covering of these klippot like thoughts is represented by the fingernails and hair of the foreign born woman. It is entirely possible that the man or the initiating consciousness will reject this woman after all which is the one month waiting period prescribed. If not then stripped of any ego manifestations, the thought is unified or married with the initiating consciousness.

Next are the two wives, two sons, the inheritance, the hated wife, and first fruits. Two wives represent the choices for transmission of thought into form already symbolized by the two sons. Both it turns out must manifest (inheriatance) because of the unity (wife) in which it is presented. Hated in this case symbolizes a regret and a neglect of a part of this unity, however in order for unity to manifest at all it must manifest completely, therefore the hated son must be given a double portion in order to insure the promulgation of that thought embodied in the son that is hated as well as the loved son. If the one doesn't come forth, then neither will the other. It is an operation of qualifications.

Then comes the stubborn son, mother, and father. When the initiating consciousness, the father, or Chokmah sends forth its idea and it gestates in Binah and then issues forth, this idea begins to take form. If this idea does not follow the customary or indicated process of manifestion in that it begins to deviate from the path of righteousness in that it appears to produce ill, rather than good a thorough examination of this idea is called for. If this idea is still not amenable to straighten out its tendrils of issue then this thought is terminated by the community (the unity or the One of unifications)

The man who commits a sin and is hanged must be cut loose before evening so as no to be an abomination. Here we are talking about the evil inclination, the error of wrong thinking. The mistake of using the initiating intelligence to disrupt the unity of One. The only remedy for this is to cut off this thought, this errant. It must be cut loose by evening in order not to be an abomination. The abomination in this case is to accept this evil thought and thereby corrupt the unity. Acceptance is basically sleeping on it allowing this thought to permutate and develope new associations within the unity which perverts its purpose. Therefore before the evening falls this man is to be buried, this incorrect errant thought is to be cut off and buried. This being done, Israel (the unity can move on)

Thy brothers ox, ass or whatever is lost must be returned. The main question here is who is the brother? Within the unity are realms of ideas. In each realm there are shared ideas and some ideas which are meaningful to a specific realm of thought. The ass or oxen are symbols for the tools used to keep ideas going. Each idea has its signature. It is brought in by a specific calling. Sometimes there are ideas which are wonderful but not for ourselves. They belong to another area of manifestation. Were we to work with these ideas we would cause disharmony in the general flow of the unity which is why we are told to take back these ideas to their owner. This means to recognize that they are not ours to work with. They are to be reunited with the central thought thereby increasing the unity.

The ass or oxen that has fallen must be helped up. The same thing applies here although in a different aspect. When doubts (the fallen ox) occur in cooresponding thoughts they need to be bolstered by our help, by our direct intervention in terms of strengthening those thoughts (helping lift up) that are temporarily distressed. In this way the unity is maintained and bolstered.

Men shall not wear women's clothing, and visa versa, otherwise an abomination. There is a hierarchy of thinking that allows the swiftest idea to remain on top. Were we to reverse this order, instability results and therefore the abomination which is a perversion of the unity.


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