Friday, September 12, 2003

Here is an answer for a student who feels she is in a rut and cannot figure out what to do. They want to help others but do not know where to start.

------I have to tell you. You are in charge here. No one else. You don't have to make a career out of helping others, only be aware that when you can you do.

First you get your act together. Forget your past. Visualize clouds dissipating on a bright sunny day. The clouds come from the ego. The sun from your self always residing in the Garden of Eden.

A good way to start helping others is to send them love. Start with five of your closest people and individually and enmasse send them your love, your good wishes, your blessings for a life of fulfillment. Be elaborate here and take your time. You don't need to tell then you are doing this.

You need to act, to express the good that your creator is constantly sending you.

If you are a student, study or write. Music, art, dance, drama, any of these will help you to unwind that soul of yours. Most importantly is your daily work on yourself.

Write down what you need in your life. Make this list for yourself. Helping others cannot be accomplished until we ourselves get it right. People learn by example. Start making an example of yourself. You deserve everything. The creator is sending this to you now. Open up and feel the all encompassing love of the creator filling you and inspiring. The purpose of this exercise is to open up your heart and mind to the possibilities already there inside of yourself.

Begin with yourself. Invent new ways to create a positive thought atmosphere around yourself. You are working with your very being, the essence of you. As a sculptor shapes the clay of his figures, you too shape the mind stuff into thoughts which then picture themselves in your life as forms and living things. This is why it is so important to have your main focus on positive visions.

If you find you cannot help yourself and you keep thinking negativity, here is another trick learned through the years. Surround yourself with a psychic cloak of invisibility. This prevents the mind stuff from breaking into negative images. It keeps it in stasis until you have the presence of mind to actively shape your thinking into being. Try this my friend and you will never be disappointed. You will change the movie and your life will start to flow in the course that the creator has already provided.


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