Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Creation and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. "Kabbalah" is a method of inquiry into the mysteries of the universe.
Creation is clearly a process of Evolution.
From "without form and void", to "let there be light,"to the "heavens and earth", to myriad creatures, flying things, and then man. Even after man there is evolution, "these are the generations of ..." Keep it simple. From thought follows form. Thought is endless, unimaginable. That's where the starting point is. Before thought, Being and Knowing.
The process of creation is a mystery. The real question is whether a person is ready to let go into the mystery.
Kabbalah is based on the Torah which was written long before Darwin's theory. It would therefore be impossible for Torah to speak to Darwin's theory because Torah obviously predates the Darwin theory, by thousands of years. Science 3000 years ago was in the beginnings of its development. Darwin's theory is in large part dependent upon the Creation story which gives a progression of forms. It's just that Darwin began his story after the beginning and did not try and delve into the mystery of creation itself. So in this case the chicken is Creation and the egg Darwin, in the sense that the one begat the other. Darwin's theory attempts to give a logical progression of form in as much detail as he had the information for at the time. Darwin choose only to look at the outer world while Kabbalah's realm is the inner world which brings about the outer existence


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