Thursday, November 13, 2003

The consequence of rejecting God as you say is that in any moment that you have convinced yourself that God is not present, you are not living your life to its fullest. The example given is that we are constantly being offered a banquet of the finest foods and we say, "Nah, a Big Mac and fries to go," or we starve ourselves.
The ego is nothing and has no power other than what we imagine it to be. Without our attention all of our pain would disappear. Without our choices all of our anger and fear would dissipate "as mists before the sun." What is weak is our ability to let go
The truth is that reality, life, the 99 percent is only experienced in each moment ever anew.
When we hold onto the past, or to grievances we cannot experience this moment. When we project guilt or accept guilt we cannot experience the moment. Now. That is here before you and continues to be in front of you until you stop holding on. Then now is here and never leaves your side.
You ask where does it end? It does not end. We, or it is eternal. There is no getting it and then its over. It isn't like climbing a mountain and reaching the top and reminiscing the rest of your days about being there. It is being there constantly. On the mountain. In the valleys. Standing along the seashore or holding your lovers hand walking softly on sun filled springlike day.
Awaken. Shed your skins, your klippot, your misunderstandings all. Let them go. Spend every moment doing so until this has become automatic and you become the observer and realize that you have been there all along.
It (God) is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. Again. It is eternal. The past is an illusion placed there by the ego to keep you from the present, from experiencing now. From experiencing your good. It is eternal. It is eternally good. It doesn't get any better than that.
Everyone has enlightenment built in. It is a program that is always running. This program is the light ever present felt as love, activated by forgiveness. Someone said Christians cannot ever get enlightenment? Of course they are wrong. Every day Christians get enlightenment just the same as everyone else. If you listen carefully you'll hear the ego speaking and laugh.
The new Testament is a revealed teaching as are the 72 names. Each requires meditation to harvest the meanings. In every age the light shines. It is the same with both the new Testament and the 72 names. Each is an opportunity for inspiration and expansion of consciousness. Kabbalah defines what is happening during these opportunities. The truth in every form causes the mind to focus. When the mind focuses there is light or understanding. When we make the connection we experience what we have listened to. This experience is called Kabbalah.
What really matters in this life is right now. No other moment is that important. Your thoughts will stray into the future or past and be mesmerized by the ego's temptations, dangling anger, fear, and countless other shadows to take the place of what really matters. Get into now. Be there with an intensity that constantly builds. In this way moment by moment the realization of being is happening all around you. Keep at it. Constantly. Every moment. Every day.


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