Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Illusion is the hardest to let go of. It is at the heart of the ego. It is so pervasive that it can even interweave itself into much of the spirituality today under the guise of something else. It is truly miraculous that we can even conceive of a way out and a better world. Such is the ego's, or the desire to receive for the self alone, power to rule our lives in this world. This all pervasive ego for all of its power and influence can be dismissed completely in a moment's realization. This happens all the time. Everyone of us has the ability to dismiss the ego by identifying with what Rabbi Yehuda Berg calls the 99 percent world. This must be however a continuing process. Getting there and catching a glimpse is not the purpose. The purpose is getting there and continuing there. The more adept we become in this process of letting go of illusion and living fully our lives within the reality of being, the more miraculous and amazing the life that fills us becomes. When this occurs or simultaneously with the occurence of the identification of the 99 percent world, our perception and very relationship of our being to everything changes. Harmony results bringing about a truly other world. The fluid arrangements our minds are capable of allow us to enter into and keep going into this world to come.

Each step I make changes my mind.
Around my soul I envision the eternal self.
Looking through all to become all.
Keeping every opportunity for connection a viable source, a river that is ever flowing.

Illusion does indeed have its innate purpose.
Acting as signposts to the forms our awareness takes in each moment.
Steadily moving forward into the world to come.
One moment we're here, and the next there.

It all happens in between the blinking of the eyes.
In fact within these eye blinks are carriers waves of all the worlds.
Is it not true that when we are dreaming our REM's cascade in dreams.
Now thinking we are awake illusion proves life is not as it seems.

Recognize the tempter who is not pointing towards you accusingly.
The tempter shows the way as a negative in film reveals the true picture.
This much however we must let go of.
Guilt, feeling bad about ourselves, anger, shame, bread of shame, every feeling that would beat us down.

Our birthright from time immemorial.

To be as a clear channel expressing light in thought, word and deed.
Yes it was good. Exceedingly good.


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