Friday, November 21, 2003

What could there be but everything?
What other way but whichever way I choose?
I see that within of which I am ever a part of.
It moves and lives within the being I am.
I let go completely and am carried along by the wings of love.

Thy Will ever and purposefully one.

My steps are sure, my faith unbroken, my thoughts they lift me up.
In Heaven's way my path is clear.
Perfect action always follows me wherever I am.
I've looked into the eyes of the unknown and come away with Creations love.

Now I bring forth thy Will.

Divine Inspiration fulfills my purpose.
Each moment is there especially for me.
I see the pattern awakened in my life in all the beauty of expression all around me.
I know myself within and without.

I am the movement within the flow.

Every thought of love is overflowing in me right now.
I spend my time within the Divine.
As I let go of attachments to the ego--I am filled with overflowing inspirations. They soar.

I am continually awakened in the ever growing light.


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