Thursday, November 20, 2003


Establish your unity with one. Everything that comes after is then seen from this perspective.

The most important lesson we ever learn is to let go within. Then every vantage point is clear. All obstructions disappear

It is an act of perfect awareness that recognizes that only the creator is operating throughout every event.

Nothing can keep you from that which you already are

Act as though you are already there. You are. It's that simple.

Parallel Worlds

The doorways are all around you. Inside of you. Here. Over there. In front of you.

You may notice a slight shimmering as one world gives way to another. Usually the process is quite seamless.

It all happens in the blink, blink of the eyes. In fact these eye blinks are carrier waves for the resident awareness.

The time of filling can be disconcerting but true attention allows for complete extension of every ability to see clearly.

Look. It's going to change anyway. You might as well direct it's flow by becoming a part of this flow endlessly coursing downstream.


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