Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Let us keep it simple:.

Tikkune is a process of correction. What do we correct? Our vision of course, how we perceive the world. It really is about how things work. It is in the interpretation that much is lost. Always the test is deep inside where we live. Does it pass our own inner experience of truth? Kabbalah says to listen. This is what you strive to do. This and this alone. Your good is everywhere. Books may direct you, but you always find what you are looking for inside yourself. It's the only place you will accept this anyway. Outside of yourself you lose all reference to what is real. Cultivate this attitude of finding, making constant discoveries about yourself. Be active only in listening which is letting go completely and doing what is right in the exact moment. With practice this will become increasingly more and more apparent. Anyone who directs you outside of yourself whether it is to a book or even a recognized authority has not learned to listen within where it is all happening. Be aware just as you have shown that when things don't feel right they aren't right. It is yourself within that knows the answer. In this way you let go of control, of time, and all doubt.


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