Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Yosef was a young man on the road seeking the silver cup of wisdom told about in tale after tale of ancient princes who gained great kingdoms through its discovery. He carried with him his life's possessions, the clothes on his back, a wooden staff and a small fortune in gold. Along the way he stopped to watch some magicians whose words and claims made him think that surely these incredible people would be able to direct him to the silver cup. Yes indeed they said but first for a modest fee they must teach him all he needed to know before sending him out to seek for himself this incredible prize. Each of them claimed to have had the silver cup in their possession which was why they could show him the way. Yosef paid his price and began his education. Two years passed, his money now long gone and he earned his money like the other magicians, taking on apprentices and doing magic for a price. In that time he learned to say what they said. He learned how to answer those who doubted him and to make people feel guilty if they did not contribute to his worthy cause of helping to find the silver cup. Many flocked to him as he was perhaps the most charismatic of all the magicians and certainly the most handsome. One day he met a fair maiden and began to tell her how to find the silver cup. His words were sly and smooth and her smile warm and reassuring. When it came time to ask her for her donation she responded.
"What can you give me that I don't already have?"

He began to answer that he could show her maps and teach her spells to magically whisk her away to find the silver cup. She still smiling said:

"Silly boy. Everyone knows you don't need any of that. A pure heart is all anyone needs."

Her words awoke feelings in him he had long forgotten. She reached over to take his hand and for the first time in a long time he smiled for no reason at all, other than that he felt extremely happy. They met others who promised this and that for a price but they never stopped until they came to a small wooden house built back from a running stream. The door to the house was partly open. Stepping closer until they could peek within, their eyes filled with wonder at the silver light softly glowing inside. They entered the house and made the biggest discovery of all. When they each looked into each others eyes, the silver cup was revealed to them in them in their blossoming love. There the cup remained all the years they lived there. Some say they are still there drinking of the silver cup of their love in timeless remembrance of love which is what they were really searching for after all.


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