Friday, December 05, 2003

  • The subtle flow of I am speaks beyond any human effort to emcompass or manipulate it. Acceptance is really our only answer. This acceptance is truly a giving within whereby all negative tendencies are released into that which always surrounds us, the "holy spirit", the "Shekinah", the "incomprehensible", oh so many appelations but in truth ours is a limited description.

  • Truly cast your burdens here. Let them go each moment. Yes be without them. Cultivate the "holy instant." Learn the moment in between two breaths. Let the silence fulfill your every need. Be taken care of without worry.

  • You make the difference between allowing the random play of ego and the will to good of the holy spirit. You make this difference by choosing to let go and at the same moment with complete faith step gladly into the unknown where the holy spirit awaits you always. You will know it and feel it by its rightness and sense of unsurpassable all abiding peacefulness. You promote this within yourself choosing this in each moment.

  • Stop making trouble for yourself and start letting yourself just be. Don't worry. Your thinking doesn't stop it becomes filled with the inner voice of love and the shift in awareness allows you to see your brother or sister as yourself. Seen as yourself you cannot but forgive them for any hurts you may have imagined. You do not have to take their projections as real. Be still within your own mind and know your own thoughts no matter what outward storms are flying about. In this way you remain in peace and love grows even to the point of forgiveness of the world for all of its-your sins.

  • The result is a continual growth in awareness of being where you take responsibility for being there and let the results of your life be totally in the hands of the one, or of the holy spirit. Use what works best for you in terms of where you place your being but know that whatever you name it, it is there for you in each moment guiding you. It can only come from your willingness to let go all the time. Then poised in that moment of silence, the inner voice comes through and then you know the truth of your being. This is the truth that sets your mind free.

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