Thursday, November 27, 2003

Today we will walk the pattern together. It is the same pattern revealed in the Torah and follows the first commandment to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and might. It is the same pattern Enoch walked as he was taken into heaven. Similarly with Elijah. The pattern is taken from the 72 names of God and represents a meditational response to awareness that must occur as a result of these steps that are taken. Daily the pattern is walked in times of need and times of peace. We cannot be too well versed in the pattern as it becomes a line of spiritual awakening each time it is walked leading to the appearance of everything, leaving nothing out and sparing no measure of abundance into the demonstration of thought and the forms that must follow:

whw It is the beginning that I return to and experience all potential from the timelessness that is here.

yly Because of this complete renewal all around me I recover the truth from every misunderstanding.

+ys The natural state in which I live is hereby restored. The miraculous is become the familiar.

Ml( Every thought that is not of this pattern I let go completely as they dissipate into the nothingness from which they never were.

#hm In mind, body and soul perfection issues forth. There is no unease or disease in any part of who I am or in those around me.

hllNow in the awareness of reality I set forth each direction I take moving anywhere my thought chooses as I am forever in the will of my maker giving forth that which is always good.

)k) In the essence of my being, down to the most minute part of my understanding, the fabric of my being is empowered within the divine to move within the Garden seeing the blessings all around.

thk No thoughts of doubt or unpleasantness come near. Before they do their energy is changed into the supporting awareness of the beyond.

yzh All around me are those angels of awareness repeating their support and suffusing my being with their beneficent energy.

dl) I am kept on track inside of the pattern. No thoughts which attract outside of the pattern can veer me from myself, whether they originate internally or externally. I am focused on that which is good.

w)l Acting from within the center of my awareness and firmly established within the pattern all negative flows are cancelled, their substance dissipated, their attraction made null.

(hh I experience in my being the pouring forth of love which then radiates outwards sharing its essence with everyone I am put into contact with.

lzy Perfection is all around me. I lack for nothing. Complete extension and fulfillment are my experience. Every thing works out according to heavenly will. I am at peace.

hbm There is no struggle within as I accept the holy name upon myself and walk forever in its ways.

yrh I know what it is I must do taking into account everything that is to be and seeing that it is all good.

mqh The wisdom of my being is firmly established. No untoward thoughts can ever enter here.

w)l I rise above every level of confusion and operate within with a sense of leaving behind that which had held me back. No longer will these attractions tempt me.

ylk Every thought now is fulfilled in the sureness of promise. It is as I have spoken and is as I have heard.

wwl My connection is constant. I reach up and I am answered. In everything I see the divine will.

lhp I resist all negative attractions especially those of a repetitive nature. I will not succumb to behavior which is negative and promotes inertia. Always I am proactive.

Kln Through my thinking and positive energy my awareness becomes a focal point for eliminating all fields of illusion that attract in body, mind and soul.

yyy I am always connected. I attract the right people and situations to fulfill every good thing that I am thinking. All is in line with the best for all. My help is from heaven.

hlm My life is filled with opportunities to share in every situation. By inspiration are others encouraged through my music and my art and my philosophy.

whx I am never envious of other and do rejoice in the abundance of all. Everyone’s good is my good.

htn I always have the right words to say. My connection to I am is clear.

))h All appearances I resolve into the Divine will. Everything is clear and perfect no matter what it might otherwise seem. It is the resolution through transformation.

try I am never alone. My inner of wisdom accompanies me. Besides me are the divine ones guiding me and helping me in everything.

h)# With me on all of my journeys is a part of me never separated from me. It is my perfect person to be with at all times and places and situations.

yyr I remove all doubts and reactions of the ego as I am practicing “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Mw) I will see the light in each situation and know the good that is there. It will take me from misunderstanding to a deep inner knowing every time.

bkl All of my actions are designed for completion. I am not distracted and I can see through to the end every purpose that is from I am.

r#w Everything is born anew including any memories I have which are of the ego. My life is cleared of all obstacles past present and future.

wxy I reveal those places in my consciousness that have remained hidden. I no longer cover anything up but allow every good thing to be up front in my life. No more wasted energy.

xhl I act from the center of my being. The ego does not hold any sway on me. My actions are sharing and proactive.

qwk The energy of transformation run through me from head to toe. Inside of the connection all is one.

dnm Today is a day when all possibilities exist. Nothing can take away from the spontaneous nature of now. Connection is inherent in the very air I breathe.

yn) I am that of which I have been seeking. Two have become one. Absolute unity. I see everything in totality as the connection flows in and through all.

M(h It is in the flow of this being that I am. Now at every level my being soars through back and out again to begin anew another level of transformation.

(hr The hidden potential I see in everything. Suddenly everything becomes clear as it is in the brilliance of the reflected light of connection.

zyy Through the connection my thoughts are ordered reaching the right conclusion and allowing my mind to maintain the connection to truth in all I say.

hhh I have complete confidence that I am in the right place at the right time. I am the connection as it flows from moment to moment.

kym The appearance of the world to come is just as clear to me as the here and now. It is like going from one moving platform to another without missing a step or crossing any apparent interface. Smooth transitions all the way open up the way for us.

lww The focus undergoes a subtle shift. I am lifted up out of the current reality and I become a part of the projected reality that is the fulfillment of thought along the line of connection. It is attention raised to manifestation.

hly The slate is wiped clean. All thought atmospheres are cleansed of any negativity and transformed into vehicles for connection. Even the darkest thoughts now revolve in unity for the divine will in concert with the unity of the beloved.

l)s Every avenue is open to us for the inflow of abundance. Money passes through us in its transformation into form, on it way to becoming energy for the increase of connectivity.

yr( It is good. All my thoughts and actions are in harmony with I am. I know what I seek and know what I find. It is one.

l#( Into each world that is revealed through transformation of consciousness the sense of I am remains. All things revolve around this connection.

hym We are at the perfect place and in the perfect time. All is one. It all makes sense everyway you look at it. From above to below and back again we are one.

whw We are light in extension the visible results of which are internal and external joy overflowing through us and into everyone around us. It is complete and well and very good.

dny Always there is something more. There is no end to the inflow of the creator’s sharing goodness. As we experience thy beneficence it flows in again filling us with fulfillment, excitement and constant wonder at all the good things we are to experience.

#xh Our actions are complete. There is no second guessing. No residue of regret. Nothing can cause us to travel in the merry-go-round of the ego way.

Mm( We are filled with energy of emotion which propels our ideas to the highest reaches of the universe in fulfillment of our destiny.

)nn In the moment are all of our actions. We do not hold on to any darkness. Our affairs are smoothly accomplished and do not require any thoughts of the ego to fulfill.

tyn There is no end to this journey. We continue on as we have been, growing, sharing and facing each adventure with anticipation. Death recedes until it is gone.

hbm I see the completing of the plan. I experience all the steps in between. I am the fulfillment of each desire. The manifestation of every thought come true.

ywp My reactions is conscious. I do not let the ego determine the flow of the events of my consciousness. All control is of I am and for the purpose of sharing.

Mmn Always listen to thy inner voice. Know it well and distinguish it from the ego. Nourish this voice with your undivided attention. Act always from the level of this voice.

lyy Allow yourself to be carried by the higher wisdom into the places of infinite understanding. There you soar as meanings speak to each other in voices true and lasting. Remember this feeling and return to it when you are feeling weighed down.

xrh You are always connected to I am. This connection is eternal and once you experience it you will continue along the flow of its energy. It is to one and from one that you are connected.

rcm There you are in boundless glory reaching for the stars unfettered by anything, your thoughts free and connected. The universe is yours to have and to hold.

bmw Infinity speaks from your voice as you flow from lifetime to lifetime growing always in understanding and now achieving complete recall you are timeless and immortal.

hhy Listen for each moment in which to reaffirm the way of sharing. Be ready to absorb the teachings along the way from everywhere even the most unlikely places.

wn( I am thankful for the incredible expansion of consciousness that is continually occurring and for the divine will in which I live, move and have my being.

yxm As I look out on the world I see through the eyes of I am and everything is transformed into the world of the Garden of Eden reality.

bmd There all around me is the expression of sharing which flows through me and is a part of me. It is the Infinite, the Divine, the Ain Soph Aur, it is all of these and so much more.

qnm I am aware that all of my actions are but part of the larger picture that I see in response to those actions. I act accordingly to promote always sharing and the good reports that I see around me every moment.

(y) Time is not. Each moment the fulfillment of awareness comes through. By providing the mold of awareness and substance of the Shekinah, the pattern is filled.

wbx Everything that ever was or will be is here now. Help comes from every quarter as all is one. There is no death.

h)r A complete healing of every opportunity missed. After all it was just an illusion anyway. What is real comes forth now and is never lost. The vision makes it real, the connection shines a light on every good thing.

Mby Underneath it all the pattern becomes awakened. Appearances resolves into truth.

yyh In every world I am present. I move between worlds improving upon each moment with the connection of I am. Therefore the miraculous becomes the commonplace.

Mwm My thoughts are clear, my mind smooth. The movement is still and yet always present. Every uncertainty is resolved.


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