Friday, December 19, 2003

  • It really is what we see is what we get. We can make it whatever we want to even assuming that a creator could create anything less than perfect. After all it's our vision. Perfection, that is the timeless moment, the holy instant, etc., connect us to this perfection making possible miracles night and day, continually as our focus makes itself right. We learn to walk in all ways contrary to the world. Our steps are not so much as those of our creator's as those of creation itself. You cannot separate the creator from the Creation. Prayers, incantations, sacred letters, places, holy men, books, robes, vestments, temples, all are external to what is Being. What is left? It is the moment, the only nonplace and timelessness that we can experience in its purety. It is why there is G-D instead of God because it truly is nameless. Any attempt to cover it starts and ends in separation, the delusion of form. Before god there was the Goddess, a holistic approach to living taking into account all the earth and its creatures, seasons and interactions. God emerging on the scene brings separation because of God we were forced to choose. The free will that is spoken of is itself an illusion because there is only one will. Will is the river of creation. Catch the wave. Enter no-mind.

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