Thursday, March 04, 2004

An answer to "What are the Inner Dimensions?"

We listen to our thoughts. There is a sound so to speak inside of our heads or at least what we interpret as a sound. It is really a reflection of thoughts which come from the realm I entitle the inner dimension. It is ironic that even though I wrote this post and brought in these thoughts back in June of 2003, rereading them is a revelation because they appeared to be new to me, as if I were reading them for the first time and not that I remember writing them. This Inner Dimension is an example of the organization of ideas. I cannot even say that it is in my mind but rather that it is a part of the unique whole that is accessed when investigations into the unknown are untaken with an open mind. The open mind is the receiving mind. It is uncanny how every answer truly does appear as long as we are willing to listen for it and not allow our subjective ego minds to interfere and second guess the flow of this energy. It turns out that I asked myself a question this morning and here I find I am answered by a post I had written in June. Kind of like even before you asked the answer was given. Definitely a metaphysical example of time travel.
More on this Inner Dimension. The organization has already taken place. Once again the transposition of time. This allows a questing thought to access the energy of this dimension and to bring forth the answers related to the specific energy of the question. These are lines of force, call them spiritual strings or vibrations and arrange them similarly to what we can observe in outer space. Galaxies, Nebulas, Dwarf Stars, Super Universes, the whole descriptive schema of Outer Space is then applied to inner space which is called a dimension because it transcend the normal bounds of observation making us utilize our own form of inner transport vehicle called the Will or the Intention or a combination of both of these descriptive forces. Travel here is based upon the ability to go with the flow and pay attention to a central idea. The central idea or one is the point of confluence causing the nexus of ideas to formulate around the arrow of your questing. In fact everything that has been written to this point in the context of answering this question of the Inner Dimension has been actively utilizing this methodology of seeking and finding. The answers are feelings translated into the language of communication refined so that the ambiguities of semantic articulation are minimalized. In short we cut to the chase as much as possible. Digression is only necessary to further emphasize an idea. In this way I find that my writing is greatly facilitated by my facility with writing music. In music we have the One of a song, say in the key of C, starting with Cmajor, then going through various progressions but always returning for resolution to Cmajor using the devices of music including tension, resolution, counterpoint, etc. Similarily in writing and therefore by analogy in thinking-meditation the same process can be used to clarify an idea and bring light to a query being posed. The following I hope can serve as an exercise into these Inner Dimensions so that not only are they described here but are also shown in their actual working phase through the substance and flow of the above exercise.
Thank you for taking me back in time to a place where I needed to be today. It has increased my wonder and deepened my faith. Many blessings your way it comes speedily and soon, let today be your day for everything spectacular in thought and word, in vision in love.


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