Tuesday, March 02, 2004

G-d, Separation, an answer to a scientist's questions

Yes G-d is a difficult concept to understand. Direct experience is essential. As a scientist you would build an instrument to measure quanta and then be concerned that your instrument was not influencing the data. Still as we see more and more sophisticated instruments being devised for various measurements, we are discovering more and more about our unknown universe. These instruments are external devices made to mirror as closely as possible the imagination within which discovered the methodology of measurement. With the Hubbell telescope now we are peering deeper and deeper into the unknown postulating always from what is known what the meanings of these observations are. Everything, Telescope, the universe being observed, the observer and the conclusions being made are a unity. You really cannot have one without the other.
The perception of G-d involves a whole other instrument perhaps more refined than any we can devise. That is the human imagination. I use this word imagination with a purpose in mind.
The construct of G-d, the conception of G-d are ultimately founded in the imagination, the ability to conceive of an image within without any corporeality without. Attempts to describe these pictures to someone who does not have the experience with this type of imagery are frequently met with disbelief. "If I cannot see it, it doesn't exist."
What is required is a thorough understanding of the instrument itself, its inner workings, its focusing ability and most incredible of all, its transcendence from imagination into visible form.
Just as the astronomer now sees universes which were previously unknown with the aid of a more sophisticated instrument, so too does the astronomer of the mind delve into areas which are constantly being discovered within. Everyone makes these discoveries. They are the eureka's of our life. It is the knowledge that not only can these discoveries go on infinitely, but our understanding of them within also expands. G-d is the unknown becoming known. It is the holy grail of every adventurer both within and within. Everytime we make another discovery within, we have this direct experience of G-d which is a completely unifying experience. The fact that we continue to seek more discoveries only means that our purpose is expanding so that by experiencing G-d, we affirm our unity, bring forth light and as the Kabbalists will tell you, bring forth new worlds into being. These new worlds of course start out within our imagination, but their counterpart will always show in the physical realm. Think of the star becoming a dwarf and then a black hole, and then once again the unknown is reinvented only to be discovered this time on another level.
All that exists is continuously changing form. There is only one thing experienced in myriad reflections. The "need" for G-d you must have guessed by now. It is the adventurer always seeking the unknown. Always the need for new vistas to conquer. As a scientist you must understand the "need" for new discoveries which increase our comprehension of and facility with our known universe. So too in Kabbalah, the "need" for G-d is in uncovering new connections, new ways to understand the way things work inside of the deep within. To the Kabbalist these pathways within are the star maps of consciousness-intelligence itself, pathways that are well travelled I might add. Discovery is incessant within and each discovery an affirmation of G-d.
There must be exact measurements in order to assure for example that a building does not fall. It does make a difference that our calculations work out correctly. Right and wrong in mathematics can be defined by the minutest of measurements. The same is true using the mathematics of Kabbalah which uses concepts in mind which build upon each other much the same way Fourier equations assume a certain substrata before their use can be conceptualized.
Right and wrong in Kabbalah are strictly energy related equations. The right thought, right action, and right sharing produce a stable model of experience. Resisting the negativity within is akin to using a variable in an equation to cancel out one side of the equation. When we resist the negativity within, the right result issues forth and our lives can be lived in an orderly abundant fashion. Experience and experimentation have borne this out over centuries of trial and error.
The central force is there whether we see it as separate or as a part of our continuum. In Kabbalah it is the internal cause that we are seeking unity with. The reason is simply just for the fun of it. The experience of one. When this occurs such questions of separation are meaningless. You just know.


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