Friday, February 27, 2004

This is written in response to the idea that you must suffer in order to receive, or that when you are sharing, it must be difficult to be worth receiving in kind.

When guilt is removed or bread of shame and the individual realizes that the creator can only give, then unceasingly does he receive. I think we would agree on this. How you get there is where I have another viewpoint than that of traditional Kabbalistic teachings.

This way of suffering promotes intentional pain as in, "give me more suffering" so that I can improve my circumstances or my "getting." This has been a tenet of Jewish life and a misuse of the "torah" or law which states that what is in mind appears in kind. The history of Judaism bears out this error of asking for suffering as a way of appeasing HaShem and "getting." Judaism has persisted but still holds on to its pain.

There is a much better way to open ourselves to the abundance of our creator, than asking for suffering to remove our guilt, or to pay our way into heaven. It is based upon a psychological principle that validates completely the person as one with HaShem.
A Course In Miracles speaks of this through forgiveness, and letting go of fear.

"thou shalt have no other gods before me," alludes to this. The one is good. There cannot be a bargaining with good. Attempts to do this always result in a tainted or a less than good. I don't know why Judaism has such a problem with this concept. Perhaps it is the guilt passed on by generations over losing the temple. I don't know.

It is more than simple to free a person's mind when his heart is completely unburdened. Your message may find people looking for more burdens and in fact encourages them as a price to be paid for getting. Life is full enough of challenges and pain without asking for more so that we can have a payday. The fact that this appears to work only proves that mind will show exactly what is imprinted upon it.
The point is that we can always make a better picture. The better picture in this case is that we always have everything we are. "Envision rightly so the sages say and all the wrongs will melt away" as mists before the sun.

The light is always on. We must become "transparent to the light" allowing it to shine through us. Therefore may all our days be filled with light so that the world will resound with light.

The only thing we really can give is the connection. That is where our abundance comes from. Money ironically has nothing at all to do with it. A million dollars cannot buy the connection, while the connection can generate a million dollars.

There used to be a template that travelled with the Pillar Cloud, that when placed over pages of Torah revealed the original message that was told to Moses and not the version later transcribed from memory. This template was altered when Yitro the priest of Midian intervened.
In this way Moses had returned to Egypt in a sense and allowed darkness or veils to creep into the fabric of Torah. The original template and the Pillar Cloud are still there waiting to be accessed. I mention this because this life is incredibly more wonderful than can be imagined which is why we can always imagine more and unceasingly.

When I began to write this post I simply listened. Reading back the previous paragraph I now understand why I have responded in the way I did. In order to bring in or make oneself transparent to the light, one must be alert to every indicator of light and willing to go where no one has gone before.

One more thing. There is no Kabbalah unless it opens up a door and another connection is revealed. How blessed to be alive this day.

Amazing isn't it.


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