Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Post revisited from Kabbalah Centre 6-26-03

You don’t get a chance to find out who you are until you find out who you are not. The ego is always there facing you, trying to get your attention. The ego is for itself alone. It thrives on separation. It makes everything contingent on its own demands. It does not and cannot share. It is the outcome of a unilateral energy thread dependent upon breaking up the circuitry of unity in order to maintain its flow. The flow of the ego is random and disperses itself in ways of confusion surfacing in moments of anger, or frustration, jealousy, pain, etc. Its energy is solely dependent upon your reactive nature.

There is one sure way to guarantee constant success. That is when Mind is operating within itself, on itself. From here and only here alone can a clear picture emerge. The operation goes like this.
First there is the establishment of the final result beyond all doubt. It is more than a foregone conclusion. It is the basis for all of the worlds to come.

Second the initiating mechanism leaves nothing to chance. The circuit is therefore closed and the energy within this circuit builds up what is akin to an electromagnetic field between initiation and conclusion. Simply put thought is brought into form.

Third: There follows permutations, of this thought, or thoughts which then recreate within themselves. These echoes of thought form around the original thought initiated providing protection from distractions of the ego. Gradually out of these thought echoes myriad worlds are formed thereby strengthening the entire bundle of initiated thought.

Fourth: Passing then through the stages known as Genesis, these thoughts take on the forms of their initiating focus. This focus acts to unify the entire process from one end to the other causing a thought singularity, which now is able to transcend all physical matter, including the physical laws of time and space.

Fifth: Then right there is the middle of everything that is; the establishing waves are formed verifying the new life and growth taking place.

Sixth: Replication takes place verifying the initiating focus and causing homogeneity along all levels of influence.

Seventh: The recognition of the manifestation of the infinite. Complete stasis occurs as harmony is realized in an energetic conflux of unifying concept-thought-form-reflections.

There is always more. Inside the patterns of Torah are the various worlds revealed. These worlds are within your making. Read this carefully because what is revealed is the very substance and fabric of the universe. Thought elevated upon itself. Timelessness. Yes, this is the Inner Dimension.

Know thyself follows every thought. Listen to who you are.
Discovering that all is one. I'll take you for a ride in the Circle of the Truth.
From "Circle of the Truth" JJ Slim


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