Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Problem of Evil

The confusion arises because of separation. Anytime you separate God and creation there are contradictions. God and creation have to be One. For the most part we live in the world of appearance. Things appear to be this way or that. Because of this we take no action internally with our thinking because we accept the status quo not even knowing that with our thinking-being we change the very ground we walk on. Kabbalah is not meant to look afar for God or Creation, but to realize that both God and Creation are inside of who you are. The only evil there ever is happens when we make the wrong choices in terms of unity with the Tree of Life or co-opting the Tree of Life as our own personal entity thereby separating ourself from our own sense of who we ultimately are. The truth is that the Tree of Life is eternal. Further recognition of this leads to Eternal Life. "That which you attend to in mind you become within yourself and exhibit in your perceptions of the world around you. Look for and to Eternal life and see the remarkable changes taking place everywhere in your sphere of vision.

What about evil? What about all those despots and horrible people throughout the ages? Where was God then? Why did God do this? Evil arises from separation. Separation is denying God or the unity of all being. This type of attitude is limited by definition and leads to death.
If you are separate then you cannot be infinite. There has to be a distinct beginning and an ending. There is always an end to Separation. We die or become Immortal. In either case we experience unity which is the One of Being.

We can choose to ignore God, experience evil. We do this by considering evil, projecting evil and never once realizing we can change our minds and our own personal movie.

It only takes one person with a clear vision to change the entire world forever


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