Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Tree of Life

  • There inside of us at all times, places experiences, the Tree of Life awakens within us, and through us until it filters through all of existence.
  • Inspiration.
    It is the flowing of the sap which climbs ever towards the light. It can only flow when your recognition is one with this energy. It becomes one through repeated attention and the ability to conceive of such inner spaces. It is in this conception that the inner paths are most assuredly stretched out as we go from ignorance to awareness in a series of cascading revelations.

  • Especially now at this time of year become more than aware of your own internal strivings towards the light and offer up all of your illusions in the service of all who climb together as one becoming one.

  • Mind is the tiller of the field. I am, the Thatness, All there is, is the field.
    In the Beginning we are told not to eat of the Tree of Life. What does this mean? Why not eat of that of which we are? "Not to eat of The Tree of Life" means do not take apart, or dissect that from which there can be no dissolution. Analysis is not necessary and only leads to "death" as an opposite or a distance apart from that which we already are.
  • When we eat of something we are absorbing its essence into our own, making it a part of who we are. It is in this making of the part that we lose the whole. "Yes this is for me" defines the individual but loses the Godhead. The lesson is that in order to become a part of this Garden and to live in the midst of the Tree of Life, one must accept it as oneself and not break it apart into how it can be consumed. It brings about by definiton our own consumption. If we devour life we devour our own Immortality. Everything happens internally as a result of our thinking.

  • The most intimate nature of Now contains everywhen, everywhere and all that is to be.

  • The Tree of Life is an internal map leading to your own golden center where All is One. Walk the ways of the wise in all things. Seeing by faith, intuition and advanced focus that this is indeed true. You will always know where to turn in times of trouble and always be rescued in times of peril.

  • The leaves on the Tree of Life are made up of the 72 Names of God. When you water the Tree, it is your mind that opens up those pathways through and into the Seventy Two Names of God which now awaken the living Tree which moves to make your world the paradise it always is
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