Thursday, February 05, 2004

Here is a discussion on some concepts that are now being presented to me. There is a unity of understanding representing another level of being. These concepts were found in various writings and it was as if they were highlighted for me in that the surrounding text did not concern me at all. What is here shown are the highlights and my comments concerning them. They are all from Chassidut or the way of righteousness. It is amazing the clarity of being that can be attained, even if for only a moment. In that spirit I offer these to those who like myself are always mining the waters of consciousness for its golden rays of light.

  • The soul can meditate on the essence of all (nothingness-that for which there is no name) which comes to be in form, yet still retains all of it being and all of its source material, that from which it has come to be.

  • This one is about the connection that we engender by directing our attention along the line of creator thought, experiencing unity with that thought and at the same time recognizing the unity in all being

  • In order to see what has become or in order to see what is to become we have to learn to see differently. We learn to gaze "diagonally,"beyond the direct experience of what appears to be or what is in front of us.
    In this way we see the essence or the inner nature of a thing.

  • We can learn to be in this world but not of it. Another way to look at this is that as we change our perception of the world we change the reality of its existence. Also this diagonal vision is referenced in ancient pre Yogic manuals as a form of contemplation as well as in Atlantean remnants of lost civilizations. There is much here for the true seeker to expand upon.

  • Moses' was a prophet whose perception was as "seeing through a clear pane of glass." When speaking of God's commands he spoke in the now as in "this is what god has commanded."

  • Moses as a prophet is Moses as co-creator. It raises the question of whether prophecy rather than being simply a vision of what is to come to pass, is in actually a precusor to the kavannah of creation, bringing that which is unseen through a process of meditation.

  • When you are able to perceive the (nothingness-that for which there is no name )that produces being, time and space coalesce in your consciousness. You then are one with the eight dimensions of time and space: past, future, south, north, east, west, up, and down.

  • Here we are conscious of the connection and operate with full knowledge and ability to transcend and transverse all levels of reality.
    A state of mind is necessary for this level of consciousness. This state of mind follows next.

  • The inner perfectly reflects the outer. Inner feelings reflect outer behavior

  • In the beginning we learn to restrict our outer behavior based upon our inner feelings That is even though we feel hurt or pain perhaps from an unkind or thoughtless remark, we do not respond in kind. Gradually with practice our inner feelings stabilize. That is they are not affected by outer stimulus in that projected anger, etc., do not hit their mark inside of us because we no longer have the breeding ground inside for such reactions. What happens then is we learn to move our feelings just as we would our extremities and with an equal dexterity so that our every action is in perfect synch with how we feel. It is the intelligent connection of mind-body with spirit.
    In this state of mind and only then may we operate from the highest level of being into becoming.

  • The transcendent creative light is responsible for existence in general, while the immanent creative light determines the form and nature of each created being. The transcendent light cannot normally be revealed in human consciousness, since its intensity would overpower the individuality derived from the immanent light. The unaffectedness characteristic of the sincere individual, however, unites G-d's transcendent light (reflected in the individual's outer behavior) with His immanent light (reflected in his inner feelings).

  • Everytime I see light in any explanation of creation I think understanding or knowing. It is a knowing which is built in, self evident, instinctual. This transcendent creative light is the One, the connection for all, the essence of all being, the surrounding essence which becomes the immanent creative light when it is recognized within the form of being itself. This is when man becomes co-creator using the unique individuality to express the particular in creation, the refinements, the bursts of imagination. Extending our idea of the inner being in harmony with the outer, this light within "learns" to resonate at the sympathetic frequency of the transcendent creative light thereby experiencing union in all of its motions both in and out of form.

    Last nights revealed meditation:

    This was seen in the letters making up the english meaning of "Finish what you start" represented by


    What was surprising is that it was seen time and time again. Most "visions" come and then are gone and we are grateful for the moments we were able to be in this sense of seeing. Everytime I looked away it did not take long to reveal the vision again of the English letters forming under the Hebrew letters into Hebrew letters. I was looking at my copy of the 72 names which I have made up in word which has each attribution in English under each 3 letter combination. It is these English attributions that morphed into Hebrew during a guitar meditation on the 72 names as I was writing a song featuring chords or modes for each of the 72 names. It is an awesome undertaking.


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